Re-setting iPhone to give away

I just bought an iPhone 11 which I’ve setup and everything works well.

I’m going to give my old iPhone 7 to a friend and am in the process of re-setting it.
I have a very basic question but can’t seem to find a definitive answer, so I thought I’d ask the experts first before I go any further :slight_smile:

I have a number of Apple devices so this concerns me.
When I sign out of iCloud on the old iPhone 7 will I get signed out of all devices or just the 7?
That’s it. I told you it was a very basic question :smiley:

Thank you

You are just signing the iPhone 7 out of your iCloud account. It will not impact other devices

Leaving this link here in case someone stumbles across your topic in the future:


Thanks very much …snarl and bennyling…for those replies
I knew I’d come to the right place :slight_smile: