Replacing TV with a Projector... Recommendations?


For a long time now I’ve fancied the idea of transitioning to a projector instead of a tv for my main living room.

About 15 years ago I visited an uncle who had one set up in his living room, and of course I know there’s plenty of people these days with “media rooms” that opt for projectors over television sets…

I have a few questions…

What brand / model would you recommend, both as a “best option” model, but also a cheaper option to test the waters…?

How do you go in terms of connectivity? I would be looking at getting a sound-bar (ideally 3.1) if not a 5.1 speaker system… but would also need to hook up at very least an XBox, and probably want the option to connect other devices now and then too… (ie 2 HDMI’s and maybe RCA too?)

Does this all get very messy with cables?

I gather there’s “projector paint” to specifically prepare your wall for viewing on… but would any white wall suit? Is a dark room also essential or can modern projectors handle some light?

Thanks for any / all comments!


I recommend watching the videos Linus Tech Tips has done on his new house and how he has arranged all the tech. There are videos in there about he theatre room. While the setup he went for will be above most peoples budget, it does show you want a high end setup will look like and cost. And they discuss a lot of the reasoning behind the choices. The whole series is rather interesting and worth a watch.

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