Small business apps

I was hoping others could share their experiences with small business software, akin to POS.

This is for a new small business that will be part time/limited transactions for some time, which places most of the well known POS systems at a price point above what is suitable (at least for now).

Looking for a simple interface. Key features are

  • Select products(s)/service(s)
  • Generates price/invoice-receipt which can be emailed (most also print)
  • Stores client history
    It does not need a customer facing side, which most POS have. No online store/sales.

Integrates with a card reader (like square, for example)/payment gateway which can be used with/plugged into iPad/iPhone.

Whereas I have put this under iOS, it would certainly need a companion on MacOS app/ability to look at the data. This could be a website/webapp (could be self hosted).

Particularly interested in what you have used, how it worked, was it well suited to your needs, etc.