Smart HomeKit Air Filters

As the title says, I’m looking for portable home smart HomeKit air filters. Anyone with recommendations?

Basically to filter out odours and dust. Any allergens.

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Maybe worth considering a “good” filter and just use a smart plug instead of looking for an all n one?

For what it’s worth, I don’t find it really necessary to have my air purifier in the Home app - is there a specific reason you have that in mind?

I added mine via HOOBS. But once you plug them in you basically leave them running 24/7 (or near enough) to do their job. I set mine to shut off at 10:30pm and on at 6:30am via its app, and that’s the extent of it and I’ve found no benefit to it being part of HomeKit. It’s a Xiomi Mi 3H.

Sorry - I might be missing the mark, but I thought it worth adding my experience because I wanted one I could add to the HomeKit network too.

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The Apple site lists the following official Homekit compatible air purifiers:

I went with the Sensibo devices in the end - best value for money. Still to arrive, will give a review once I set them up.