SOLO - A Star Wars Story (Spoilers!)

Evening all. Just got home from a viewing of SOLO. I really enjoyed it on the whole - but there were certainly a few parts that were a bit cringeworthy!

Anyone else seen it? Thoughts? :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen it yet. I saw Deadpool 2 at the weekend, entertaining though the joke is a bit old now, be interested to see if there’s a Deadpool 3 how they make it new and different.

I’ve heard multiple reports on Solo and am a bit hesitant. I might get the Telstra Cheap tickets as I don’t want to waste too much money on it. Wondering if it’ll end up on Netflix like all the other new Star Wars movies, in which case I could easily wait as the only reason to see it on the big screen is to see the Falcon Fly again.

Plus I just bough tickets to see Empire Strikes Back with the score played live by the MSO. I am more excited about that than anything else, even though it’s not til December.

Had not noticed this thread before. I saw Solo on US netflix and expected not to really like it and was pleasantly surprised. They chose the actors well to fit in with the story we already know.

Do VPNs work with Netflix again?

Mostly not. I have a smartDNS service. PM if you want to know which. Not Getflix or Unotelly

I’ve just caught it too… I suspect there was a lot going on that I had no idea about. :slight_smile: (I enjoy Star Wars, but I’m not fanatical.)

They were big shoes to fill, and certainly I’d agree they did a pretty good job. I guess I could maybe enjoy it more than hard core fans who would have nit picked it a lot more…?

I thought the main actor was an uncharismatic hack. Best part of the film was the relationship between Woody and Thandie’s characters. Would have liked to have seen a LOT more about their crew and their exploits.

It wasnt about the crew. Title of the film is a dead giveaway.

I’ve re-watched it a few times since it came out on iTunes. I love it. Think it gets better each time.

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