Th Frustration of stalled updates

I was gifted a 15” MBP (mid 2012, non retina) and its a very nice generally well looked after unit. I was able to install from a cloned Hgh Sierra macbook install and all was well (if a bit slow, got very used to SSD) but the Catalina install has stalled with 46 minutes to go, forever. (it looks like about 1/3 is installed).

Any quick fixes or should I just strt over?

Unfortunately I don’t think you can do anything but start again…

Thanks. I‘m glad I didnt rush to do that because it eventually sorted itself out. I can feel a new ssD and more RAM in my future.

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Good SSD’s are pretty cheap now & make a huge difference. RAM isn’t all that expensive either. Well worth it.

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I’ve recently picked up a few 240GB WD Green drives for $45 off eBay… and 120GB for $30ish.

I’ve been looking at new. OWC or Crucial.

Oh yes - the ones I purchased were new in box.

Must check ebay then, though I am looking for large drives

I’ve got a couple of Crucial SSD’s. They’re pretty ordinary. I like the Samsungs myself…

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Yeah I have an MX200 in my macbook, and whilst its certainly faster than the standard HD, its nothing out of the ordinary. I thought maybe the MX500 might be an improvement.

You have to remember that the connection speed in an older laptop isn’t going to be that great either so no point spending heaps on something really fast. Having said that, I always try to get the fastest I can afford at the time because you can always use them for something else later on…

I do remember! The Pro connection speeds are faster than the older MacBook. I decided to go with a 500GB MX500 and to take the RAM to 16GB. Should be enough for my needs. I’d forgotten how snail-like the old 5400rpm drives are!!

I put a MX500 in my old iMac. It made a huge difference and I never had any issue with it. I have found Crucial SSDs to be more reliable than Samsung.

Really? I can’t say that I’ve ever had an SSD fail. I have just found the Crucials to be a bit slower.

A bit slower doesnt matter to me, its more about not sitting for 5 minutes waiting for an app to load up. I dont need blinding fast, just has to be better than 5400 rpm

I need to find something to do with this Samsung NVMe drive I just took out of my Mac Pro…

I put a 480GB SSD into my Dad’s old laptop and with only 182 hours on it had nothing but read errors and corruption of files I was trying to recover for him. Tested using multiple different machines/readers/adaptors. Couldn’t even boot to Windows with it.

SMART says it’s 99% good… so did his computer itself just corrupt the data? Or is it just a failing drive?

I’ve formatted it and am testing copying files to and from it right now (thanks to this thread reminding me I had it in a drawer) but in reality I don’t know that I would trust it given it’s history.

What brand?

Kingston, although I have used plenty of the same/similar drives before without issues.

Curses and damnation! I don’t have all the tools I need for installation of the new drive. Teeny philips head so I ordered a full tool set from ifixit, as well as new “feet” and a disk doubler. So I’ve put the MBP away for a few days til the new bits come.