The irony when you have to move regional to get decent internet

270mb connection. 3-4 faster than my previous connection

So 70-90 Mbps wasn’t sufficient for your needs?

I was just talking about net speeds in my new router thread… And - I was thinking that maybe I was being a bit pedantic about the fact that I get better speeds on my cable internet than people are getting on NBN…

And - looking at the above comparison… I think I’m happy with my cable!

Checking online at the first result that Google spat out - if you are working from home, and watching Netflix, etc, you want at least 100mbps. So - if your NBN plan is only giving you 70mbps… I don’t think it would cut it in my household with 2 adults and 3 kids…

I’d be content if I was still on Optus cable rather than being forced to sign up to nbn

I’m glad I could keep my cable! So many people saying they get crap speeds out of the NBN. It’s not as if our bandwidth needs are going to diminish.

When you have parents working from home and kids doing school from home, fast broadband is a must.


I was on Telstra cable with a 100mb connection for years. Biggest downside was the poor upload speeds (5mb). It was fine until they started to do the NBN rollout in my area. Then the service started degrading with worse speeds and regular drop outs.

I made the jump to NBN FTTC. At first it was poor speeds, getting about 35mb up and down on a 100/40 plan. I got an electrician in who disconnected all the phone sockets around the house and ran a new line from the POE (Point of Entry) to where the NCD (modem) was located. This fixed the speed issues right away and got me to the full 100/40 I was paying for. The old copper phone lines in the house and potentially line splitters as well were degrading the signal quite a lot obviously. And my house is about 35 years old, so there will be plenty in much worse state. Worth looking into if your NBN performance is poor (obviously depending on the connection type being used).

I have now upgraded to FTTP and am on a 1000/50 plan. Reliability has been perfect. The speed is wonderful. It’s more than necessary of course, but its definitely nice to have. Both the wife and I work from home full time now with our kids being at home so much over the last year, its been nice not having to worry about bandwidth at all. Plus, grabbing a 50gb game off Steam in 10 mins is awesome.


great post mate :+1:

My household with 5 adults has no problem with 50mbps, with 5 adults + often multiple Netflix streams going at once including the main one in 4k!

It’s almost like every household has different needs!

No way! :wink:

I get that but I was just surprised that the recommendation is 100mbps for working from home + Netflix!

The issue becomes conference calls when you have 4 going at the same time with screen sharing and home schooling. All of us tended to have calls at 9:30 and our upload speeds weren’t great.

People tend to focus on download speed and streaming. However, some applications, such as video calls are equally reliant on the far more restricted upload speeds. You then find upload speed can become the limiting factor.

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