Things you'd never expect


I just had to say this somewhere…

My dark-side son’s Dell G15 laptop that he’s had for 6 months is no longer charging. His school IT team used a charger they had on hand, and it charged ok, so seems the charger has died.

In order to log this with the Dell service team (as JB Hi Fi were not interested in helping directly), I just spent the past half hour going round their Tech Support pages. At one point I thought I had to set up an account, and the first question they asked was what was the laptop going to be used for.

This was their list:



Military (including paramilitary, national police, national guard)


Missile/Missile Technology

**Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)**




Oil & Gas

(Emphasis is mine…)

Weapons of Mass Destruction!?!?

I wonder if Dell is keeping tabs on which machines they need to hack in order to take over the world…



Umm, I just don’t really know what to make of that…

I’ll admit - the above list was copied from a Reddit post about the same “issue”, so it’s not like I’m the first to mention it. But yes, I can’t believe nor understand why Dell would choose to include that on their list of uses for their devices…

Interesting that “Insomnia” and “Computing Masochism” didn’t make the list. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Disappointing that JB Hifi gave you the brush-off. I thought Australian consumer law insists that the retailer deals with warranty issues and not just refer you to the manufacturer.

As the guy said it on the phone, that’s exactly what I thought, as yes that’s the law -point of sale must offer to resolve warranty issues.

His argument was that it would be faster dealing directly with Dell… and my son needs a new charger ASAP as he uses the laptop in school daily… so I didn’t argue.

If Dell become painful he did offer to become involved… so I have that as a backup.

JB have always been like that in my experience.

As someone that has handled repairs at a retailer in the past, the store would essentially work as a middle man. By going direct, you can at least get updates yourself and can chase it up regularly.
The retailer can do it and must do it if you insist, but it would almost definitely be a slower turn around time. Not to mention if the person working at the retailer following up your request ends up off work sick for a week.

As for the list of use cases, my guess is this is due to Dell being a US company. I’ve seen similar lists working for US vendors in the past. Essentially they aren’t allowed to provide you with anything if you are planning to use it for certain reasons or if it’s intended destination is a certain list of banned countries. It seems ridiculous, as anyone planning to use a device for “Weapons of mass destruction” would not likely be honest about that use case. But due to legal reasons they need to ask. Definitely amusing though.

I know iTunes used to have a line about not using it for evil purposes… maybe Dell are cashing in on that small market that Apple excluded?

Dell came back to me today - replacement charger being shipped. Old one has to be returned to them, and we may only be getting a refurb. A bit frustrating, but you’d get no better from Apple I expect.

And yes - at least I’ve got an answer promptly, without needing to wait for / harass the middleman.