Tv / Movie tracker ( help

Looking for any advice from experience.

I’ve just started using and really liking it, wondering if any members here are using it and if you’re using any companion apps with it.

I can’t find anything that works with Netflix (Aus), which would be awesome.

I’m using Apple Tv with Infuse ( which uploads all info).

Using the following on Apple TV:

Amazon Prime Video
Apple Tv+
All of the standard FTA streams etc.

Most of these have to be manually configured within, so I guess I’m asking is there a solution that works with that saves the manual input?

I like the app and I’m looking forward to playing around it with.

Any advice appreciated.

Wow… laughing at myself. I’ve been using it with Infuse for years, but had no idea that it could also be configged for those other services. No clue about Netflix, obviously.

I may have found the answer, there are other tracking apps, that work on iOS and atvOS, one I played around with last night is called REELGOOD, it can launch shows through it’s interface and opens Netflix, then adds your info to Trakt.TV

I know I’m going to like this, although there is a lot that it can do, that I don’t know about, (YET). :slight_smile:

What does it actually do? The website says it tracks your movies and tv shows.
Does it just give you all of your media content in one app?

It basically keeps track of your progress from your media server.
If you binge on a certain tv show, then move to another, it remembers your progress, it gives stats on your viewing habits, time, genre, type etc.

It has iCal integration to let you know when the next ep is coming up.

There’s a lot in it, I’m sure I’m not doing it justice, but it’s free ( with ads, lots), so it’s worth taking a run at it.

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Thanks, you’ve given me enough info for me to know that I don’t need it! :joy:

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