Twitch for Apple TV beta

šŸ“¢ Hey Apple TV users, we're excited to release the limited beta for our new Apple TV app!

Use this link to install it on your Apple TV - first come, first served until we fill up. šŸ”—:

ā€” Twitch Support (@TwitchSupport) September 3, 2019

Did you copy and paste that tweet from somewhere else?

Only reason I ask is that Discourse has support for a wide range of embeds, so you could have posted just the tweet link and it would have appeared like this:

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I just copied the embed link from twitter and pasted it

Ah, right. Much of a muchness.

This is awesome, I use Twitchy every day on my apple TV so Iā€™m keen to try this out. Thanks for the heads up @frankie

Interesting timing them dropping a beta for their own Apple TV app days before the Apple event, Apple TV hardware is very likely from what I hear :thinking:

years overdue

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Now officially available out of beta

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