What car do you drive?

Hey fellow AppleTalkers.

Thought as this category is called “the Garage” I would ask the question.

Doesn’t matter if you are a car enthusiast with a big old V8 or just own your Mums old hatchback.

Share your pride and joy… or pain.

I own a 2006 Ford Falcon XR6


I drive a 2015 Fiesta S - but looking to upgrade to a Focus ST later this year.


I’m a Volkswagen nut and have had a few over the years.

Currently I’m driving a Golf Cabriolet, 1.4L Twincharged (supercharged and turbo charged) with an APR tune + intake it’s making about 150-160kW, I always want more but there is only so far I’m willing to push this little motor.
I’ve done lots of little subtle tweaks to make it my own, all OEM+ that most people probably wouldn’t even notice.

The family mover is Dexter, the big red Kombi:

I expect to see a whole lot more VW’s floating about, the correlation of VW to Apple tends to be pretty high :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve got a VE SS Ute at the moment, it’s starting to get a bit long in the tooth and now with a family looking like it’s on the cards, I need something with 4-doors. Thinking either an SS Wagon or a Golf GTI or R.


I used to have a Mk V GTI but had to get rid of it after it started giving me no end of trouble. Cost me so much to get silly little things fixed that I just bit the bullet and got something cheaper to maintain.

My wife and I are currently sharing this piece of shit here…

2002 Holden Zafira

Actually, it was only a piece of shit because it was advertised as having “airco”, but didn’t. $2k later, I have airco…

It’s a mumma’s van basically, fat ugly mother to the Astra… Does have some get-up-n-go, though after reading about the engine recall in Europe… the same engine which is found in the AU model, just our Gov decided not to force a recall/repair… I do worry when I give it a bit of stick that that stick may jump up and bite back…

This was my baby before I had babies…

1979 Nissan 280zx

Another piece of shit really, full of rust, with a motor that had a tendency to - well - just suddenly stall at 80kph… but she was my piece of shit rusty old bomb, and I miss her… Well, maybe the concept of her… Can’t believe a good condition 280zx will set you back around $15k these days!

Given that I now have 3 kids… a sports car with 2 rear bucket seats just isn’t gonna cut it anymore, so I’m looking for a new runabout… hoping maybe to find an old Granny’s Bluebird SSS for under $2k… have wanted one of those for years, based mostly on the HUD and name… Did I mention, blue is my favourite colour…


2015 Hyundai ix35. I love it!


My Triton Ute.


This is Susie. She’s a 2008 Polo GTI. :slight_smile:

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I drive a 14 year old Silver Suzuki Ignis GL. Its small, cramped, not very economical and a gutless wonder as well. But it works. Can’t afford to buy another car so its with me until I drop off the perch, or have to give my licence up.

I don’t have a photo and don’t plan to take one :slight_smile:

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vw tiguan


Daily driver is a 2008 Mk V Golf GTI
Weekender is a 2012 Scirocco R

I love them both for different reasons.


'99 Holden Vectra. Proudest moment? Made a 7,500km round trip to Alice Springs, Ayers Rock from Melbourne in 15 days :slight_smile:

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Mitsubishi Verada KJ EI MY02. 3.5L 24-valve V6 with 4-speed Tiptronic. A few kilometres shy of 200,000 with a complete inspection and overhaul of the timing components, brakes and cooling system completed back in January.


Don’t care - it’s not as if it was designed and/or built by Apple.

What about this for your next car then? :slight_smile:

Apple Electric Car Project

Seems a lot of effort to go to just to build a case for CarPlay :grin:


Traded my Twin charged Golf for a 2013 VF SV6 wagon a few months ago and haven’t looked back. Just clicked over 50,000km this week (that’s 10,000km since I bought it in December) and so far it has only cost me an extra 60c per 100km in fuel.

It’s also my first automatic, I thought I would’ve missed the manual more than I have but there’s something nice about planting your foot, leaving it there and watching p-platers become a spec in your mirror.


My first Z was an auto… I loved the kickdown on it! Take off from the lights, then really plant your foot to drop a gear and vroom!

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