What do you consider must have apps for Mac OS?

Heading back into Mac OS after a shot break. What do you consider the must have apps? Things like bartender, skitch and bettersnaptool are the small kinds of apps I am talking about?

Scythebill, Handbrake, Audacity, Garmin Basecamp, Google Earth Pro, Jigsaws Galore, MacX Youtube Downloader, Skype, Zoom, Plex, Twitter, Coconut Battery, GrandPerspective are the ones I use regularly.


Snap’nDrag pro, Telegram or Signal, Coconut Battery, Little Snitch, Disk Drill, iStats Pro, AppCleaner, Balena etcher, Tampermonkey. Then there’s Plex and/or Infuse. If you’re into e-reading: Calibre for organising ebooks.

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Menumeters- I only use the Network section to see throughput
OmniDiskSweeper - where has all my free space gone?
Bean - compact word processing
BBEdit / TextWrangler - Text editor
Itscal - small menubar calendar
Screenpointer - for all those Teams Meetings using screen sharing
Clippy - Copy and Paste,- who remembers Scrapbook from the old Motorola days
TextSniper - for a quick OCR sentence grab from the screen
BlueStacks+Oracle Virtual Box - to put an Android emulator on your Mac
Coinverter - Currency Exchange to assist buying all the shareware gems in different currencies
Engauge Digitizer - To get data points out of a pdf chart
FontBook - Lemke’s version
GrowlyBird Apps - Compact but I don’t use them much
MacJournal 7 – Back with Dan Schimpf, - I wish I used it more
Metadatics - trim up or add your YouTube mp3 rips metadata to store in Music/iTunes
QCAD - Excellent 2D CAD free community edition or licensed with more features
PDFwriter - to create pdfs to edit or split docs from inside Acrobat to circumvent copy protection by the dreaded Ansarada Security system. (that won’t allow you to open the file with anything but acrobat Reader, nor edit it)
Capto (formerly Voila) for storing your screen shots or videos
Macs Fan Control - to make sure the i9 in my MBP runs cooler than Apple would let it.
Yojimbo - Where I store all my serial numbers and other text clippings or web archives…
MacUpdater - for software updates outside the App Store. - MacUpdate went to the dogs for a while, only showing a single page of daily updates, but you can go further back again now.

Ok, I fess up, I’ve been a shareware junkie for 35 years…

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You say macupdater went to the dogs, is it back up to scratch again? I used to love it but it went downhill

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Yes, For a while you could only see a single page of updated software, but now you just keep loading more and you can keep going back.

So, I bought MacUpdater. - It runs full time and scans daily to check if there are any updates for your installed software. You can then select what you want to update and it generally does the job for you, or downloads and opens the installer for you to run, or tells you if you need to go to the App Store.
You can tell it to ignore an app update or an app completely. - eg, for a major version upgrade you don’t want to pay for yet.
There is also a “discover” tab that lets you see all the daily updates it can find for any software. - Which is kind of the same as what MacUpdate offers.

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