What Podcasts do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of podcasts but I want more! Haha. Tell me what you listen to. I am subscribed to:

Talk show with Gruber
Macbreak Weekly
Welcome to Macintosh.

At the moment I’m enjoying Lore, Geek Fit and Mystery Show. Also a shameless plug for The Verse, which I appear on intermittently :smile:

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The Rebound
TV Talk Machine
Bingeworthy… New

I check in on a few every now and then but the two I most listen to are:

Keith and the Girl
This American Life

I’m also waiting in anticipation for the second season of Serial which should start in October some time.

Ah yes. This. Also looking forward to the next season of Startup.

I’ll listen to The Talk Show is the guest is someone that I follow, otherwise it’s a bit samey samey each week.

I used to listen to TWiT, MBW and The Ihnatko Almanac religiously but found MBW was a bit the same each week. Same with Andy Ihnatko.

Hello Internet is my favourite podcast. If you give it a whirl, definitely take the time to listen to it from the start.

I regularly listen to:

Hello Internet
Topical (Russell Ivanovic of Shifty Jelly and Jelly)
Robot Or Not? (Which is Jason Snell and John Siracusa arguing about whether or not something’s a robot)

iMore Podcasts:
Iterate (now defunct-ish)

Liftoff (Jason Snell and Stephen Hackett talking about space stuff)
Top Four (Marco Arment and his wife talking about their top four favourite things)
Material (Google-y podcast for people who don’t use Android)
Reconcilable Differences (John Siracusa and Merlin Mann talking about how they became the grumpy old men they are today)
Cortex (Myke Hurley and CPG Grey (of Hello Internet))
The Pen Addict (it is what it sounds like)
Analogue (Casey Liss and Myke Hurley talk about feelings)

Wow. Looks like i have a lot to listen too now. haha. Robot or not sounds like it would be hilarious.

Anything with John Siracusa is brilliant. If you haven’t listened to Hypercritical, do it from the start, it’s 100 episodes, some of the ones towards the end are 100 hours but he’s hilariously brilliant.

Tell me if you’re going to do it or not, because if not I have a spoiler (two episodes you should listen to, I have them permanently saved on my iPhone).

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I will start from the start. Thanks for telling me Angus

I tried listening to Hypercritical a few years back, but that voice/accent, I couldn’t do it.
Having now listened to ATP for a few years I think it grates a little less, so perhaps I could try again.

Seriously, Hypercritical is worth listening from start to finish. Siracusa knows how to rant. The latest ATP has it’s moments too.

That’s a good list of podcasts! I listen to a lot of podcasts too and will have to try some of the one’s you mention here.

My podcast list is very Mac/Apple/Technology centric but there are a few others in there as well.

My Listing is:

Mac/Apple Related

  • Macbreak Weekly
  • Mac OS Ken
  • MacCast (They also have a Member podcast which costs money - I have been a paid member for a number of years now and the extra content which Adam provides is great and worth the $50USD annual subscription)
  • The iOS Show
  • Mac Geek Gab (Learn a lot from this podcast and the hosts are very responsive - I have had many of my question answered by them on the show)
  • iMore

Technology Related

  • Reckoner (A favourite podcast and the only Australian podcast in the bunch)
  • Rebound
  • Rocket
  • This Week in Tech
  • This Week in Google
  • Accidental Tech Podcast
  • Clockwise
  • Upgrade (A Favourite of mine)
  • Daily Tech News Show

Other Stuff

  • The Incomparable (Possibly my favourite podcast - I have about 20 episodes permanently in my podcast list)
  • The Angry Chicken
  • Empire Podcast
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • This American Life

Just one… Strangers by Lea Thau.

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Latest Talk Show is pretty a pretty good example of why I don’t listen to it. I love Rene Ritchie, but the latest Talk Show is pretty much him and Gruber agreeing and not really giving any new insight on the iPhone/iPad/Apple TV keynote.

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Guessing by the like Lockey you’ve gotten to the infamous episode 42 of Hypercritical :stuck_out_tongue:

You have me curious now Angus, but do you need to listen from the beginning or can I go straight to 42 lol … It’s been ages since I listened to his podcasts

You can go straight to 42 if you listened to Hypercritical when it was on, if you weren’t a listener it’s worth listening the entire way through.

When do you guys find time to listen to podcasts? I barely have time to eat meals! Do you do this in the car?

At work mainly. Right now at home drying myself after showering. Also when exercising.

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I listen when I’m winding down before sleep or when insomnia strikes.