What's Your YouTube/etc Video Channel?


Purely cos I want to promote my own channel(s), but also try to appear somewhat less narcissistic… Do you have a YouTube, Vimeo, or other video channel/blog? Please, do share! :smile:


From humble beginnings sharing a beloved Aussie kids tv show opening titles, YouTube channel “thecosmichobo” gradually grew to include an ecclectic mix of vids ranging from Doctor Who (the channel’s namesake), to my uni short films, to family snaps.

These days, I have just recently split the channel in two, so that I can move my short film catalogue onto its own tube. Sad to see the view counts disappear, but probably better for the channel, especially as I am hoping to start providing more regular content, and hopefully grow from the current 330 subscribers to that magical 1,000…

The channel consists of videos such as news clips recorded off-air in the 90’s/00’s, alternate endings, title sequence hacks, and “mash ups” or compilation videos.

Bigger on the Inside?
My latest “mash up” video, revolving around one of the series’ greatest fetes:

Hilight? 2011 video reaching 240,000+ views and scoring a mention on an entertainment show!

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As noted above, I have just created this new channel to give thecosmichobo a less cluttered feel to it, moving my short films/etc over to this new tube. This channel will feature all of my short films (and blooper rolls) from Griffith Film School, together with trailers for the 2 volunteer roles that followed, and a few ads for a certain wine festival that I shot and edited. Whilst not exactly award winning material - oh wait, we did win an internal award for production values for our final film! :smile: and all but 1 of the films was deemed “best in class” within the Screen Production major…

This was one of my favourites to work on:

The Betrayal of Judas

I wrote or script edited all of the shorts before production began, as well as sitting in the edit suite afterwards. During production itself, I performed most functions at one time or another, from camera to lighting to sound to prop buying and gaining approval for location shoots.

I just split off my blog to a new domain and will be posting under the new domain as much as I can to build up content.


I tend to blog about lots of things, and yes a bit of a technology focus. But also ramblings. I try to link to any youtube videos I create to share information with the products I support at work.

Holy thread revivals Batman!

Just had to add this… in case anyone else from Darwin was feeling nostalgic for Paul’s Iced Coffee ads…

This ad very much portrays the sentiment of Darwin’s Pauls Iced Coffee fans. Non-Darwin Paul’s Iced Coffee doesn’t count…)

(For the record - I’m not a fan, but I live with one; anytime anyone ever came to visit us from the Territory - they wouldn’t get in the door without 2L of Paul’s Iced Coffee…)