Which iPad model (2022)

Seeking experiences with iPad models.


I’m looking at an iPad (haven’t had one for a few years), and trying to decide on which model between

iPad Air
iPad Pro 11”
iPad Pro 12.9”

Not what I would call a pro user with an iPad (my MBP will do the heavy lifting) and more see myself using this on work commutes (when that becomes a thing again), as a second device to my work computer and notes in meetings, and watching the odd bit of TV/video.

Likely will get wifi only and hotspot my phone (which I have some with my MBP when working on the trains).

Plan is to add a Magic keyboard and pencil.

Not sure if the 12.9” is too big? And differences between the Air and the 11”?

Appreciate experiences with the respective models. Thx

I have 5 iPad Pro 12.9s in this household (one for each family member) - each with keyboard - it’s the right size for us as we use it as a laptop replacement most of the time and to consume media.

But - this is the size that when you’re flying you have to pack away - the next size down you can still hand hold on a plane when taking off and landing.

I’ve had the mini and the normal size. The smaller ones we are now using as dumb terminals on our fridge etc.

The pro size suits our family the best.

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For me I just can’t pass up the 12.9” screen and with the Magic Keyboard case either the 11” or 12.9’ would be pretty convenient to use. Being a ‘Pro’ model also future proofs it since even the 2015 iPad Pro runs iPadOS 15

Obviously a lot comes down to how you plan to use it and what other devices you have access to. For use on the train, the Air is lighter and will probably be more comfortable. Alternatively, if you want to make use of the feature (can’t remember the correct name), where you can extend your desktop from a laptop out to your iPad; the larger pro screen may be preferable.

I was tossing up between the Pro models and the Air. Last year I got the 11" Pro. Made my choice primarily based off specs. I wanted the pro-motion display. And believe the M1 chip and thunderbolt connectivity will potentially make it a more viable device for longer. Was a very nice improvement from my iPad 4.

I got the Logitech case/keyb/trackpad combo. It does the trick well. Apple’s option may be a bit better, but couldn’t see it being $200 better.

For basic use, it’s hard to go past the price point on the basic iPad on price alone. Once you go up to the Air it’s hard not to justify the Pro for the M1. I live in hope that one day they bring MacOS to the iPad, even if it’s just a sandboxed app (with all the features).

Steve Jobs suggested that the original screen size was selected to be optimal for consumption, based on the balance between screen size and weight. So look at the Air or the 11” pro.

If you plan to use the multi-window capability, or if you intend to often use it with a hardware keyboard (so the weight is less important), then the 12.9” pro may be best.

I suggest that you compare the air and pro in a store. If you cannot see any difference due to ProMotion, and if you don’t intend to use an Apple pencil, then the air may well be better value than the pro.

I bought the 11" iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard late last year. I knew I wanted bigger than my old 9.7" but didn’t know if I wanted to go 12.9" big. I borrowed my sister’s 12.9" pro for the weekend and for me it was way too big and hefty for holding one handed, watching media in bed - all that consumption type stuff.

I went with the 11" and have no regrets at all. It’s my main consumption device, but I also use it as a second monitor when working at my desk, and as a productivity laptop for simpler tasks when I want a break from the desk. It’s the perfect balance for me.

Mind you, my sister loves her 12.9" and uses it as a laptop replacement so :man_shrugging:

Whatever the size, I was determined to get a pro for the longevity of the M1 chip. The pro also has Face ID, which I prefer on an iPad.

Thanks all. Very much leaning towards the Pro. Stil not sure about size, if the 12.9 is a little big.

If I was buying now I would choose the 11” Pro. I had a 12.9 very briefly in 2018, nd it was just too big for my uses and the weight when I had added a logitech keyboard… UGH. Sold it within 6 months. I now have the Air3 and it has a lot of flaws but it will do until I can afford to replace it.

I really like FaceID, so when for the pro for that alone.

Was annoyed when I just bought a MacBook Air to find it didn’t have FaceID. really miss it when its missing now.


I would like an iPad but I don’t need one. 10-12 years ago I played a lot of games on my iPhone but I don’t play any games anymore, maybe there are some out these days there that would interest me but I’ve yet to find them.

I bought a cheap 7-8” Google Pixel tablet many years ago and hardly used it. I’m sure I’d use an iPad more though. I think I’d mostly use a tablet for email, calendar and task lists. I wish Apple would release a 16:9 iPad which would be more suitable for media consumption than current 4:3 iPads.