Who here lives in Japan?


Finally I’m going to Japan! (Tokyo, Hiroshima and Kyoto)

This is my initial trip which I’m hoping to repeat every couple of years.

Ok, I’m going on a tour so that’s all good but I will have few days for myself and I’m looking for suggestions;

I’m into retro gaming, technology, beer, bar scene and shopping.

  1. I want to go to a Japanese supermarket, any suggestions?
  2. I want to go to a Japanese hardware store, any suggestions?
  3. I want to go to an easy going bar in Tokyo, any suggestions?

I do. Near Tokyo.

Uhm… Japanese supermarkets aren’t that different from supermarkets in the US or in Australia, I mean besides things being written in Japanese.

…a Japanese hardware store? You mean like hammers and wrenches and stuff? Again, not anything special.

I only go to gay bars and Tiki bars. So I’m no help there either.


ok, I’ve been to few gay bars (not my cup of tea but music was good) what’s a Tiki bar?

I am blown away!
It’s sunday afternoon and there are children in school uniforms walking in places of interest or on trains doing their homework or some sort of extra activities??? What is this sorcery?

this may or may not help, but this is a youtube channel I follow. Canadian girl that lives in Japan, although she has recently been spending some time in South Korea too.

You like beer?

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