Why is ABC promoting GoT?


The ABC for years now has been running regular articles on Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is not shown on the ABC. (I don’t watch ABC now I have Netflix, but I can’t find any reference in the tv section of their website to GoF…)

What’s the link? Why are they promoting the series so regularly- at least one article per week? I emailed one of the journos about it, but oddly enough didn’t get an answer. :slight_smile:



“Public interest” stories

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LOL That’s all I could figure, but really - is GoT that popular?

Yes, especially given it’s now just 2 episodes from being all over red wedding rover.


Ah, the most popular TV show in TV history, I’d suggest.

Ok… I see it attracted viewership figures of around 1.25m - in Australia…! So yes, I’ll accept it’s popular.

But there’s plenty of popular tv shows that the ABC do not run 1-2 articles per week on.

I know - it’s not earth shattering… just feels very odd on the ABC news page to see so much time spent promoting it.

It’s the same reason you see Fortnite news pop up at outlets you wouldn’t think would care about Fortnite, but the public does so they do

And that’s for a program only on Foxtel, which most Australians don’t have!

Many of us don’t have Foxtel, but still get to watch it :grin:, so the real viewer numbers would be millions more than the official number.

But yes it is certainly unusual for the ABC to cover in depth a cable TV program.

I could understand - as a fluff piece for a show that’s “popular” - one, or two articles when the season debuts…


The search has over 100,000 results, though that appears to be because non related pages still have GoT stuff show up in sidebar “suggested reading” links… But even so - there are pages and pages of stories the ABC have fun on this show.

My news source is abc.net.au/news, and I can tell you, they don’t run this many “interest” stories for any other tv series - even those on their own channels.

It really just feels like they are being paid to run all this “interest”.

It’s also for the same reason one of the most pirated shows of all time. Beating out whatever show took Battlestar Galactica spot.

Not many other shows get over 1m viewers :slight_smile:

I watched Season 1 way back when. I quite enjoyed it but simply never got around to watching the rest of it. Although I think I would have enjoyed it, it just seems too late to catch up now. Also I pretty much know and would be prepared for all the major spoilers (The Red Wedding/Joffrey or whatever his name was getting killed/some guy holding a door). Also I haven’t done anything to avoid spoilers on the shows screening right now so I pretty much know most of the major plot points. I envy everyone who’s enjoying the show and I hope the final episodes are as enjoyable as say, the last few of Breaking Bad, which in my opinion were some of the best Television I’ve ever experiences.

In the past week

There could be more, I just got tired of copying and pasting…

It’s almost as if it’s a globally popular series which people enjoy reading about and discussing, and the ABC are capitalising on it.

But no, let’s make it a conspiracy about advertising on the ABC. That makes so much more sense.

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