Widgets, is weather still available?

For some time now Weather widgets have not worked, on my computer, anyway. I’ve looked up fixes but can’t apply the fix suggestsed here:

Can someone tell me if the weather widgets do still work, please? The other widgets I have, Time in various capitol cities, and the Converter ( weight, currency, length etc.) still function.


MacOS High Sierra here (10.13.6), and I can confirm that the Weather widget no longer loads the weather.

I suspect that in between all the acquisitions, someone turned off the part of Yahoo! (or on The Weather Channel side) that powered the Weather widget and never turned it back on again, as you also can’t look up cities on the back of it anymore.

Time to start using the BOM website.

Or the weather widget in notifications centre

Thanks bennyling and Oldmacs. I’m trying to get it on my laptop so guess I’m out of luck.