World’s thinnest portable touch display powered by USB for Mac

Looks interesting. The size is probably still too small for a proper external display but useful as a portable second screen.

Anyone used one of these?

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I was in the market to buy one second hand until only a few hours ago and was planning on meeting a seller in the morning. Looks like a good bit of kit but the hefty price tag and the 1080p resolution ultimately made me decide I don’t need it. Plus who really wants a touch screen Mac? I love my keyboard shortcuts thank you very much.

espressoDisplay V2 specs can be found here for those interested.

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Depending on what you want to view on it, getting an iPad to use as a second screen may make more sense. At least it has multiple uses.

There are a few options out there like this though.

ASUS makes one that also contains a battery as well as a tripod to for extra height. Its a 17" model as well. It’s only 1080p, but is more focused for gaming with a 240hz refresh rate. Sells for $1k AUD though.

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You’re right, that makes more sense.