WWDC 2024 - OS updates + AI (Apple Intelligence)

So who’s excited for new software?

Selected highlights:
Vision Pro coming to Australia on July 12
iOS home screen, lock screen and control center customisation
iOS app locking, app hiding
RCS and schedule send in Messages
new options for iPhone 15 Pro action button
Photos redesign
Improved Calculator and new Math Notes for iOS and iPadOS (!)
Improved SharePlay (remote view/control iPhone)
New Passwords app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS (RIP 1Password?)
Apple Intelligence / ChatGPT

Elon Musk has had something to say.

Will you change the lock screen apps from Torch + Camera? I believe you can also remove them altogether.

The new passwords app is the most interesting for me. Currently you can get Keychain on Windows but it does not sync across devices. If the new Passwords app allows me to properly sync across iOS, MacOS and Windows, i’ll be very happy.

Will customise my phone screen a little bit, but likely just dark icons and will probably change the camera shortcut to something I use more.

The intelligence stuff looks interesting. If it works half as good as they advertise it should be a decent addition. Will have to try get used to using Siri again as I haven’t used it for a while due to its poor performance.

The remote control share play will be helpful for providing support to my folks.

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Send later on Messages got a verbal gasp from me. Apple Intelligence looks like it’s going to be really helpful and I can’t wait to see how they integrate it into HomePod…

Also, it’s only taken 37 years, but we’re almost there.