Your Photography Thread

I enjoy photography and checking out other peoples’ work - so post up your best photos here!

I’m currently in Vietnam spending time with my girlfriend, so a perfect opportunity for some lovely shots!

Da Nang



Hoi An



I have many more to show but the internet in my hotel is too slow for now!


Wow, those are gorgeous!

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Seriously awesome photos mate!!

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Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Some more from our journey from Hue to Da Nang on the train. The line runs over the Hai Van Pass (which some of you may remember from the Top Gear Vietnam Special) and the scenery is truly stunning.

The following are all taken on my iPhone 6 plus

The start of the Hai Van Pass. Amazing scenery!

Lang Co and the Hai Van bridge.

Hai Van Pass and "easy rider" bikes who take tourists on day trips.

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass


LOvely photos. I really like the first one…

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Went on a road trip in August for a couple of weeks, just driving from Melbourne to Northern Territory and back over 15 days, covering almost 7000kms. Surprisingly we didn’t take a lot of photos as we were just enjoying the time away from the city, work, etc.

The Olgas

Top of Uluru

Uluru Sunset


Nice, Julee :slight_smile: Love the silhouette :slight_smile:

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Recently purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter, and I am absolutely loving it!!

Took some photos this afternoon from 120m up in golden hour…


Cricket Players

Point Cartwright


Bit of a mix from the last couple of weeks:

My daughter at one of the Canola fields in Vic

Tulip festival last weekend - bright sunlight so not ideal conditions

My youngest daughter on St Kilda Beach

My eldest blowing a dandelion

Princes Pier in Port Melbourne

Sunset with the ferry


I love the photos of your kids, also those on flickr. I hope you’re going to have a photobook made (well, several, really, over the years)… :smile:

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Thanks, Kyte. I started photography with the intention of doing more sports but with the arrival of my two daughters, they have become my primary muses when it comes to photography which I am sure frustrates them no end. It’s the typical parent thing I guess. :smile:

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Here’s a shot from my Phantom 3 this morning :slight_smile:

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Havent got round to posting any images here, I’m not using my DSLR very much and will likely sell all my interchangeable lens camera soon enough, and start over. Not that I don’t like my Pentaxes, I do, but they are just getting too heavy for me to hold and I get the wrist wobbles. So I’m moving into serious compacts more than I had, previously. To go on with, a not so serious compact, the Nikon P610 gave me some nice shots, and so did my Panasonic TZ60.

Shots in the fog by Sue Wotton, on Flickr

Stormy by Sue Wotton, on Flickr

Tiny sensors, but for online posting, no problem :slight_smile:

Have you tried any of the micro four thirds interchangeable lens cameras?

A lot lighter with the added bonus of 5 axis stability in the olympus EM series bodies or built into some of the panasonic lenses for the GH4

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I own and use an Olympus OMD EM-1 with a 7.5 mm fish eye, a 12-40 f2.8 zoom, a 75-300 zoom and and a FL-600R flash. It’s my main general use camera for family, social and travel events. It’s very functional and shooting in raw the output is similar in quality to my earlier Nikon D7000.

I am far from an expert photographer and the camera is way more capable than I am :slight_smile:


All good photos. Blown away. Like the Singapore shots, as I just came back from Singapore not long ago.

Yeah I have considered but money is the thing. I’ve spent madly and now have a bazillion cameras and no dosh. I still quite like my Nikon1 stuff but overall it lacks something. If the circumstances arent exactly right…

I don’t mind the 1" sensor but am considering the Panny FZ1000 + Lx100 combo. An E-PL7 might be the go, too, I have an external VF which would work with it (VF2). Too much choice.

Absolutely gorgeous photos. Are these photos taken by 6 Plus or 6?

Hi all, Nice to see you guys still take great pics.

My little man that’s not so little any more. He’s loving it this year.

5D3_7663.jpg by swoffa, on Flickr

5D3_7659.jpg by swoffa, on Flickr

5D3_7733.jpg by swoffa, on Flickr

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