2009 iMac 27" repair in Hobart, Tasmania...help



My grandparents 2009 iMac was playing up recently until it did give up the ghost with the all know black screen of death.
They’ve taken it into repair shop in Hobart to be told it’s either MLB or the GPU however since there are no spare parts available because it’s classified as vintage by Apple they are unable to repair it.

Anyone from Hobart area know of places or people that might be able to give this thing another lease on life ?

Grandparents really can’t afford another iMac right now…


Hi There,

I have had good experience with a guy in North Hobart not far from Friends School.

He upgraded my RAM and inserted a new ssd in my older 2009 21.5 inch iMac.
He will try to source parts via the internet, but is mindful of the Apple issues around spares.

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thanks mate…I will contact you for the details.