2019 September Pre-order Thread

So people - new iPhones, Apple Watch, iPad…

Anyone ordering/ pre-ordering?

I’ve ordered the Watch 5, and plan to preorder the iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max.

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I’m going to buy a new iPad 10.2 inch wifi version. I don’t see enough difference to change my iPhone XR to an 11 and I prefer an analog watch.

I won’t pre-order, Apple shouldn’t have a shortage of basic iPads.

I’m going to see if WatchOS 6 irons out the bugs in my Series 2 and if not then I’ll think about getting a Series 5. I have to admit it gives me pause because the chipset is the same as Series 4. I’d have bought the 4 if they dropped the price of it, but seems like they’re keeping the Series 3 as the budget line.

I’ll be getting:

iPhone 11 Pro in gold with 512gb storage

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iPhone 11 Pro 64 in midnight green for me. Everything is in the cloud. My current 64gb Xs Max still has 25gb free.

That’s incredible - I would have run out of space with the videos and photos I take on the iPhone.

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The more capacity the better

My main use for my phone is photography, which is why I upgrade every year - but because everything is uploaded to iCloud, I always have ample space.

128gb iPhone 11 here.

I don’t see the justification of spending more for the Pro.

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I will upgrade to Watch 5, I would have bought the 4 if they had kept it in the lineup, I need falls detection and hope that ECG comes at some point. It will be my last Apple Watch, I think. (preordered, wont arrive til 24/9. I wouldnt have, except I now have issues with walking and getting to the apple store isnt as easy for me as it once was)

Not really interested in the other stuff. Might upgrade my phone at some point but it does what I need it to, so… meh.

I’ve got a 4 but going to the 5 because of the always on function. I’ve always wanted it.

I wonder if always on can be switched off… I use mine with sleep apps and find that if it lights up at night it wakes me. Could be an issue.

I’ve ordered a Series 5 watch replace my Series 3. I’ve wanted the newer faces and complication for the last year, but couldn’t justify the upgrade. The always on screen is probably the biggest draws for me.

On the phone, I’m currently using an iPhone 8 Plus, looking at one of the Pro’s just considering if I “downsize” to the non max one given it has a larger screen than I already have :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was a little skeptical of Apple’s move into “health” stuff, but hearing some real life stories about the Watch “saving” people’s lives… and the fact it doesn’t require an ongoing subscription or anything like that… Maybe it’s not all about $$$.


I’m on a 7 and really, it works for me. I’m tempted by the 11 and should not get all persnickety about the cost. I’m remembering that my 3GS cost over $1000 when it was released and I hesitated not for a second, to get it. However, its Watch first, and phone maybe later in the year, or next year. Havent the resources to do it all at once.

When they touted the falls detection last year I decided it was time for an upgrade, but never quite got round to it. I’ve had a couple of near misses in the last few months, so decided it was time. (also decided it was time to have my stick with me all the time, for stability) The currently other available options are hideously expensive for those of us on pensions. This is a one off cost and makes more economic sense. The ECG thing will come in handy, too, if ever it gets approved. My cardiologist is happy to have Kardia reports emailed to him, but I rarely manage to catch an arrhythmia because by the time you get the gadget out and fire up the app on your phone, its often over and done. I don’t have afib, but the ECG also catches other things, like ectopics and missed beats. Having it on the watch would be very helpful.

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Could you buy an overseas model to “get around” the fact the Aussie version hasn’t been approved for these things?

No, the watch uses all sorts of things to work out where it is to either activate or deactivate the ECG.

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It’s pretty annoying that a year after buying the ECG hardware they still haven’t managed to get it approved in AU. :confused:


That would be down to our regulatory authorities though. Don’t believe for a second that Apple wouldn’t want it rolled out everywhere as soon as they could.


Upgrading from the 4 to a 5 purely for the always on feature.

I upgraded to the 4 for the fall detection. I can say from personal experience that the fall detection works. Tripped and fell a couple of months ago, luckily I managed to break the fall with my nose.

May have a 4 for sale soon.