3rd Party Lightening Cables


Has anybody else had 3rd party Lightning to USB Cable‘s just stop working?

Seemingly out of the blue it ceased charging both my iPad and iPhone. It’s possible that I had updated the iOS on both around the time, but I can’t be sure.

It connects and charges for a few seconds/minutes but then stops. Unplugging and plugging again restart the charge only briefly.

Can Apple as part of an iOS update, wipe out 3rd party cable functioning? Or is it just faulty?


Are the pins (middle one) showing burn marks?

I’d suggest the cable… I thought basically Apple “lets” all lightning cables charge, but not necessarily transfer data…


Yeah I inspected the cable and it still looks as new (and is fairly new). Maybe it is just faulty.

But was wondering if Apple can use iOS updates to wipe out third party connectors like this.


Is it a certified cable?


I’ve had plenty of cheap USB lightning cables die over the years where ratty falling apart genuine ones just continue to work. This includes cables from eBay, Target, KMart, Amazon etc. They all just seem to work for a while then mysteriously stop.

The exception has been a couple of Anker cables that have continued to work without issue including one that lives in the car (in the heat and sun).

It really does seem to be a case of you get what you pay for.


Yeah I don’t recall if it was certified.

I needed a 2+ meter one which Apple don’t seem to sell. Just picked it up from Big W

Maybe it is the cable.


I’ve had plenty of cheap 3rd party ones stop working. The exception is one I bought for $7 at Aldi. I use it every day next to my bed and it’s great. I should have bought ten of the things, but I didn’t because I didn’t trust it would work.