6 years of iPhone (in Australia)


6 years ago today, many of us were queued up outside our Telco of choice to buy our iPhone 3G, running iOS2. I got to the Icon Telstra Store in Bourke Street about 5.45AM and was 104th in Line. I had the phone in my hot little hand at 8.30. Can’t quite believe it’s 6 years. But, more to the point, I can’t really remember what it was like before the iPhone… sure I remember the phones I had and how crappy they were in comparison.

I figured we could reminisce about what we’ve been through to get our gadgets :smile:

3GS - went in on launch day… there was no queue at all.
4 - I didn’t get one until the white one came out, I was the first person to buy the white one at Telstra Icon on 26 April 2010!
4S - Got one a bit later on 26 October 2011. Just walked into a store to see if they had any and they did.
5 - Bought outright from apple, delivered on 26 October 2012.
5S - just got it recently on 26/5.


I remember how I got my iPhone 3G.

I had an iPod Nano (purple chrome looking one 16 gig) and I had heard about the iPhone, I was drawn to it.
I actually ended up buying it with Rudds stimulus money, the $900 I got in 2009. I walked into this little phone repair place/phone case shop and bought a 16 gig black iPhone 3G outright. Even back then I thought it was amazing, so much better than any other phone I had ever used. Considering it did not have some features that all other phones had, thats saying something.


iPhone: ordered from someone on Whirlpool who had a relative near an Apple store.
3G: lined up outside an Optus store in Elsternwick at 3am for an 8am launch because supply was severely constrained and rumour had it that store had an inexplicably large allocation.
3GS: lined up at TLife Bourke St at 11pm for a midnight launch with @decryption and one other dude. Optus had a bunch of people making a lot of noise, Telstra opened the doors long enough to let the three of us in and closed.
4: lined up at TLife Bourke St at 5pm for a midnight launch with @decryption and a whoooooole bunch of other people.
4S: delivery from Telstra on launch day. No more lining up in the cold for me.
5: ordered online from Telstra but got stuffed around and walked into a store at 10am on launch day instead.
5S: churned back to Optus instore a few weeks after launch.


I was late to the 3G party, I wasn’t interested until my wife got one… then I was hooked.

Paid the early upgrade to get the 3GS on Optus on a 12 month contract on launch day (Apple Store?)
Got the iPhone 4 from Telstra (local store) on launch day.
Got the 4S from Telstra on a new contract on launch day at the local Telstra store.
iPhone 5 outright from Apple online, delivered on launch day.
iPhone 5S I got outright from the Apple Store on Launch day too :smiley:

I find it funny that just about every year I have sold on the old handsets before COB on launch day too.


Man, you guys and your every-year iPhone upgrades. It’s probably a justifiable expense seeing how much time we all spend with the things these days, but for someone who buys their iPhones outright it’s a lot of money (for someone who doesn’t work full-time, was under 18 and a poor high-school student for the first two iPhone launches).

3G: being underage at the time made getting an iPhone on a plan… interesting, to say the least. It took two goes and about three hours before I could get things underway, by which time I had transferred my then-prepaid account from my mum’s name into my dad’s. Good times.

4: Attended a midnight launch with a few other Tasmanian Apple enthusiasts. Was, by my reckoning, the second person in Tasmania to have one (besides telco employees and partners, etc).

5: Man, I don’t even remember how I acquired this one, but I’m pretty sure it was from my local Apple reseller who was selling the devices outright, or from the Apple online store. Probably the former, as I can’t seem to find the receipts for an Apple store purchase.

As I’m on a pretty great “plan” that I don’t really want to give up, I’ll probably buy the next iPhone outright, too.


I only ever bought the 3G outright with Rudd’s stimulus package, ever since then I just recontract.

For me it is well worth it though, on launch day im like a kid at christmas


I jumped on the iPhone wagon a little late due to shortage of funds, but what helped tip the mark over was winning some $950 in awards when I graduated high school. Yeah that’s right, free iPhone for being an awesome kid at school. That acquisition was for a black 16gb iPhone 3G around November 2008.

Since then, I’ve also rocked an iPhone 3GS (thanks to work) around March 2010, an iPhone 4S delivered to my door on launch day, an iPhone 5 (again thanks to work about 2 months before 5S launch day) and I currently rock an iPhone 5S which I got in December.

The only real reason I jumped to the 5S was because the 4S was too slow for me to use on the train travelling to work. Kinda made an impulse buy so I didn’t hurt any train-travellers :wink:

So with that in note, I’ve had one of every model, except the original and the 4.