Adjust brightness on external display

Hi, Sometimes I use an LG external display with my MacBook Pro. The external display is far too bright for comfort and won’t allow adjustment using the controls described in its manual.
From reading on-line it appears that my Mac can’t control the brightness without an app. The Apple store shows three:

Can anyone recommend one please?

Thank you for any input.

I can’t find anything that will tell me if any of those apps will work with an LG monitor. Comments on-line say the apps don’t work with all monitors.

I called LG. They said to take it to an LG service centre. There must be an easier way.

Has anyone tried any of those apps with an LG monitor, please?

The brightness controls on your display don’t work?

I suspect any app to control brightness is going to do a poor job of it compared to the one the manufacturer included.

The display is ten years old. It is not one of the newer models that were designed to be compatible with Mac. It has buttons at the bottom of the screen. According to the manual, and the call centre advisor, pressing the Menu button should bring up a rectangle called ‘Picture’ which, in turn, should bring up a slider bar. There’s no way to click on Picture, or do anything at all with it as it disappears as soon as the cursor goes near it.

I haven’t read anything yet that says the downloadable apps I mentioned earlier will work with the LG monitor.

I don’t need perfect colour for reproduction, just a monitor on which I can open two documents side by side for editing text. I do all my artwork by hand. Second hand would be fine, if it’s in SE Queensland.

It seems I’ll have to look for a newer model that is known to be compatible with mac, and doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount. I’d sincerely appreciate any advice.

Thanks, Bennyling.

No, that’s what I’m saying — even CRT monitors of yore had brightness adjustment, so I find it very hard to believe that your LCD display doesn’t.

There’s generally a few buttons that bring up on-screen menus, but you don’t use the mouse to adjust them as they’re computer-independent. There may be other buttons you can use to select/move the sliders on the screen.

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Thanks Bennyling.

I’ve messed about with the buttons on the bottom of the screen but can’t bring up anything that is adjustable.

The instructions on P13 of the manual show the ‘Picture’ symbol with the slider below. I can get the ‘Picture’ symbol on the screen but not the slider, regardless of what I press. Thanks.

I’m going to try again with the computer not connected to the monitor.

No luck, nothing on the screen but I pressed the button anyway. It’s just as bright.

This is the app I use to control the brightness on my LG external monitor that is connected to my iMac. Works great :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, AVC. Just downloaded it. Now I’ll have to find how to use it…

Dunno what I’ve done but I followed these directions. The custom screen picture on the laptop was replaced with the mountain range, Sierra? The monitor screen with normal desktop was still bright on the LG.

Pressing Command + F1 again has restored both screens to how they were. Scared to touch anything now!

My LG monitor is 10 years old. The monitor is connected to the laptop with a DVI connection.

The app is in the Applications folder with a HD icon on the desktop. Can I toss that now?
Thanks for the help.

Bought an Acer display. The buttons on the lower edge of the screen adjust the brightness.