Apple Configurator 2



Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with using Apple Configurator 2.

A school that I deal with wants to use Apple Configurator 2 in order to have a ‘clean slate’ with iPads every week or 2 and want to have 3 or 4 standard configurations that they use (depending on the capacity of the iPad) and want to have a standard wall paper and applications for each different configuration.

They have 2 iPads already set up how they want for their capacity and I would have thought that there would be a way to back up these devices and then convert them in to blueprints but this does not appear to be possible. You can back up the device then restore that backup to a blueprint but that backup does not contain any of the applications that were on the device and when you do start putting applications in to the blueprint there does not appear to be a way to create folders of applications.

Surely having the ability to back up a device and create a blue print from it including apps, folders, wallpapers etc. would be a basic function that the software should have and I’m just not doing it the right way, can anyone offer any advice?

I wonder if a simple back up then restore would work… I guess not since it doesn’t actually back up the apps


bump can anyone offer any suggestions?


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Take a look at

The videos on this channel were enough to get me up at running at work with Configurator 2 so fingers crossed they can help you too.