Apple Music


I have a love hate thing with iOS 10 redesigned apps. Music sucks, Maps, Health and News are good. Notifications and control centre look good, though control centre in iOS 10 sucks. iOS 8.3 had the last good music player IMHO, iOS 9 was better than iOS 10 though.


The problem with a Music is it is trying to make you use the streaming end of the app, or at the very least, see no difference between streaming music and local content. Local storage is less clear to access. This means the user gets confused.

This would be fine if we all had unlimited or data caps so huge we would never use them, but we don’t.
And then there are the poor sods with business phone where the business doesnt allow/provide for streaming non work data.
The only option away from home wifi is locally stored music.


I use an app named Cesium. It is simple like music from older ios versions and just shows local music.


This one of the advantages of Telstra mobiles. Streaming apple music doesn’t count towards your download limits.


Yes, on consumer contracts. Not on business contracts.


Yeah, I’ve got no interest in using Apple Music. I just want to be able to use my local music like in iOS 8.3 and below where I could easily switch between Artists, Albums, Songs etc and have the ability to customise the order and what appears on the menu.


I’d like this too but Apple don’t want us to use our own music any more as they don’t make as much money from that so they make it a poor user experience when you try and use your own music, actually scratch that - Apple Music overall is a terrible user experience with a far from intuitive user interface