Apple Store Down! (12 Sep 17)


So Apple refurbished…

because that’s basically the ONLY reputable dealer of 2nd hand phones.

The issue being that the maximum storage phones (or any model generally) are in short supply and tend to get snapped up quickly.


Hi @kyte. Certainly worth a look I guess. I did fairly well a few years back with some 2nd hand iPhones, though it did take some time finding the “right” Phone (ie price / quality / capacity - and winning the auction).

Looking on eBay now… I see the 6S second hand can still demand over $400… On the above plan, it would cost me $600 (more than I’m paying now) to get a new one… so I think I’d probably opt for new, with the ability to pay it off over 2 years…

And yes, @Geoff3DMN - I wouldn’t pay the “professional” type companies on eBay what they ask for “refurb” phones, because I’ve no doubt they don’t use Apple parts, probably just spit n polish them at best…


I wonder why Apple does not sell refurbed iPhone and Watch? They do in the USA. Maybe scared of reduction of profit. I would buy an Apple Refurb for my next phone, in a heartbeat. But because its not an option, I buy new (and outright, I have no use for a “plan” and prefer to go prepaid)


If you were thinking ebay is where to buy a second hand phone, you are definitely better off going with a plan. I would not buy a phone sight unseen even if it was the cheapest in the world. Too many duds and empty boxes.