Apple Watch Awesomeness


So I had a moment today where I just looked at my Apple Watch (series 0) and thought to myself: That’s awesome.

So our building has WiFi on only some floors and I have access to said WiFi for my iPhone. Today I left my phone at my desk on level 11 and went to a meeting on Level 6. I was a couple of minutes early and went to check how much time/where my next meeting was at which point I realised left my phone upstairs on my desk…

So I glance at my watch to see where the next meeting is and notice the little red “no connection to phone” isn’t flashing… odd. I can’t usually work to the gents on my own floor without that happening. So I test it out and send an iMessage which works perfectly and by chance I also got a phone call come through on my watch (which I ignored since I was in a meeting and all (and it was on silent)).

in summary. The watch connected to a common WiFi network and communicated back to my iPhone over 5 floors away. I wonder how far that would extend. Like could I go to another physical office location (which has the same network) and have the same result?

Colour me impressed.


One of my favourite things about the Apple Watch is walking around our house with just it and getting notifications everywhere. :slight_smile: