Apple Watch Series 3 GPS or Cellular model?


Hi guys, looking for opinions here. I’m going to buy a series 3 in the next week and wondering if anyone has tried the cellular version and if it’s actually worth the extra $150.

Thanks heaps!

edit: just realised its actually only $100 difference - still a decent gap


More importantly is it worth an extra $5 a month for the connection.


that too… the more I think about it, the less I think its something I need. GPS has me covered for apps like strava etc and can load music onto the watch to use with bluetooth headphones. there is 16gb storage as opposed to 8gb but not sure that really an issue for me either


In my case I thought it was worth an extra $100.00 dollars to get the LTE version. I’m aboard small (under 12 metre ) boats regularly and used to take my phone with me. The problem was keeping the phone dry. Now I just take the watch. Have also found that I am leaving the phone at home more often when I’m only out for a short time. Ive made and received some calls using it. Does what it says on the box.

If you use apple music, the next update of watch OS should to support streaming directly to the watch.

Telstra offers a 3 month trial of one number, then its $5 per month. My phone was out of contract, was able to negotiate a $10 discount on re-contracting anyway.


I opted for the standard Series 3 over the LTE as I don’t believe the added connectivity really suited my needs. I have my phone on me pretty much all the time - the only situation when I don’t is when I’m in a training session at the gym, and I’m only using the watch’s workout mode during that time; not streaming/making calls.


Like the cellular/non-cellular iPad, it’s one of those things that you can’t add later on without buying an entirely new iPad; whether it’s “worth it” or not to you will depend on your usage.

Still might be worth thinking about, especially if you’re going to be keeping the Apple Watch for a few years. If not, decide again in a year.


I adopted the same thought process as bennyling when I bought my iPad in 2013; I ended up with the cellular version, even though I seldom use 4G on it. I don’t regret the extra $$ spent on it, and I’m glad I’ve had the option when I’ve needed it on the go.

If you plan on keeping the Watch for a few years, the extra $100 isn’t something you’ll lose sleep over in the end. Also cellular connectivity is optional, anyway.


I oly bought a series 1, because I had no need of the additional features of the 2. I’ll wait, because my mobile provider doesnt do the esim yet, so theres no point upgrading. I dont care about the GPS but I dont think thats optional if you get the sim. Anyway, lets see what they do next year.


Its worth it. No more fear of dropping the iPhone to of my pocket when riding. I just go with the watch only. Have had battery issues with my old iPhone and the watch caught what would have been missed calls. Im looking forward to streaming music but thats gonna cost in terms of bandwidth. Though Im doing that currently via the phone so same same. For me I am happy I went with the cellular version.


Everytime I see one in the flesh I’m tempted to wonder why one earth they thought that making the dial a bright ugly red colour was a good idea. It could have looked exactly the same. I have a series 2 but find it really offputting so hoping they change it with the series 4.


Watchmakers often put a red/coloured dot on special editions of a watch – usually on the face/dial/crown – so that’s that :wink:

Further reading:


It’s funny seeing the reactions to traditional watch making techniques and designs from people who think Apple are doing what they’re doing just because they feel like it…

“Complications? What sort of stupid name is that!?”

“Red dot on the crown? What were they thinking!?”