Apple's non-support for their supporters



Once upon a time, I am sure that if you visited Apple’s website seeking out your local Apple authorised resellers / repairers, you could - you know - easily find a list of them.

I live in Geelong - there is no AppleStore within at least 75km; and if there was, I doubt they’d be interested in my G4 Cube anyways (Not sure any repairer will have any parts to be honest, but one’s gotta try). So, I want a list of local authorised repairers - and google points me here:

“Find Locations” -> “Service & Support” - sounds good! “Choose a Product” - well, that’s logical - some repairers may not repair all Apple goods… “Mac” -> “What’s happening with your mac?” Ah… No, just tell me who can help… “Startup or Power” -> “How would you like to get help?” -> “Bring in for repair (Apple Store or repairer)” Ok, long way round, but here we go… “Sign in with Apple ID”.

Fuck this.

How frustrating.

Just to find a list of repairers in my area?

I’ll just go back to Google. Yes Apple - Google will solve my problems.

I can understand Apple wanting to monopolise areas where they are actually based, but for everyone else - where’s the help? My query may related to an 18year old computer, but it could easily be an actual current product too. (Well, not in my household… But… you know.)




It’s a bit of a faff, but you can find the list: > Service & Support > Mac (or whichever) > Hardware Issues

Then when you choose an issue it may ask you to sign in with your AppleID, but you can then choose “Bring it in for repair” and it will bring up the map with locations.

Edit: I only just saw you actually did this, my bad.


@AVC :slight_smile:

Yeah - got that far, and just felt - if my father, for example, didn’t have me as his tech guy, he’d be screwed if he needed help - there’s no way he’d remember his AppleID details, even if he got as far as that.

I expect “most” general consumers would have given up by that point too.


Before we had an Apple presence in Australia, we had Mac1 (and others). I used to take my stuff to Mac1 (or whatever its name was prior to being Mac1) In Newcastle. Maybe a better idea to search for apple agents or similar in your area?

Never mind. Did it for you.


I’ve just ended up googling “Vintage Mac repair” and found a heap of AU and overseas people who say they support G3 / G4 era machines. Have emailed 10 of them. Also phoned 5 (2 Geelong, 2 Melb, 1 Bris) - no luck. Hopefully one of them will have the cable I need.

It’s just frustrating that Apple make it hard to find people who service - Apple.


Cosmic, can you point me to a picture of the cable you need. I’ve never thrown a cable away and have a box of them.


Hi @Buttercup,

Thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

That is the video card riser - the cable I need is the black one - carrying power for the ADC port. It connects at “J3” on the riser, and “J11” on the motherboard. 2 wires, black, and elusive! There’s a few places that have the riser card, but either with no cables, or only the white signal cable.

I’m hoping there’s people who have upgraded to a better card and DVI connections, that as such don’t need the ADC power cable…


Sorry, cosmic. I might have known it would be something out of the innards, not a simple cable that connects one peripheral to another. Sorry, I can’t help. Good luck with the search.


:slight_smile: All good.


Have you tried Apptech at 7 Ormond Road, East Geelong, ph 5221 1321? I’m a customer of their Mt Waverley store and find them very good.


Hi @Arky,

Yes, gave them a shot, plus the other couple of locals… No good. Really I’m relying on finding someone who has had a customer leave their dead Cube with them - I doubt it’s something anyone would have carried purposefully.

I did talk to a guy who had a G4 tower, but not Cube. I’d love to confirm if the cable was in any other Macs, but can’t seem to find any parts lists to try to verify.