Blood Glucose Meters


You think having diabetes is easy? Dear god. Medications are not a “fix” at all.


Sometimes I believe anything is easier than carrying an invisible injury.


Having cared for someone with a debilitating chronic illness that nobody seemed to be able to diagnose or treat, I can appreciate the difficulty of being in that position. It really does suck and not in a small way. Having Type 2 diabetes myself, I would, in a friendly and respectful way, suggest that you are careful what you wish for.


Agreed. T2 diabetes here as well. And, osteoarthritis, asthma, hypertension, OSA and a bunch more. None of them are visible. Except if I have a day where I need my walking stick.


Some progress being made, though it seems, according to this guy at least, that we’re still a ways from external blood glucose measurement.


Abbott Labs have got halfway there with the Libre, but geez, talk about expensive! $180 or so for the initial setup and scanner, and $92 per, for the sensor. I’m sure those of us on pensions and being insulin dependent would get some kind of discount but at those prices I cant see it being very much. And no connection to Apple watch or phone as far as I can tell.

My best option at the moment is the Accu-chek Aviva Connect which sends by BT to the phone and that then ends up in Apple Health. Strips work out cheaper too.