Blood Glucose Meters


A number of us had been discussing off and on for a couple of years, whether there were any decent meters for Mac Users. There still arent, in the sense that the software is for Windows in most cases. There are more which link to our iOS Devices, now. I’ve been using Glooko for a few years but had to jump through hoops to get the cable. It now talks to some meters via bluetooth. Theres the iBGmeter which plugs in to your phone, and today I discovered (because I sometimes read facebook ads) something called Dario. It looked so good, I ordered right away whilst theres $20 off with a bunch of free strips as well as free shipping. It does the usual stuff (measures the BGL) but it will also estimate your HbA1c as well. On your iPhone (or Android, but not all of them) (link for Australian Purchase)

Now, I’ll have four meters, two of which are the same. LOL. Oh yeah the strips are available via NDSS which was a big plus. There are so many meters about which actually dont have strips covered by NDSS, I’m always a bit hesitant when something new comes on the market.


Thanks for posting this.

Where did you order from, the pricing on NSW Diabetes Shop is $69.00 with no testing strips included.


From the link I provided in my post!! Its short term and a good deal, I reckon. Hmmmmmm… doesnt seem to work. Heres a different link which I’ve now added to the OP.


Yep got it and ordered for $39.00. I always dislike those website that want to collect your data before they provide the actual link to the order page.


Indeed. I hesitated for ages, before I plugged in, they need to have pricing on the front page. Oh well, no biggie, ordered it anyway.

Also just been reading more on the Glooko site about compatibility… one thing I do like about it, is that it can link to other services, eg Fitbit, Withings, iHealth, Jawbone and a few others is the list of compatible meters and other apps. Doesnt hurt to check it out. Seems like they ship to Australia now (I just looked at the metersync blue, for BT) but they want $59.95US as a subscription (and then you get the gadget for $0 plus shipping). I think thats annual. Glad I got in early, I am not subscribed but I do have an account on their server and can sync to all my devices


Dario was actually free a month or so back. I went to finally get one to find it was behind an info wall and now costs money. I have 3 meters since being diagnosed in July. 0.3ul isn’t the same across all brands either, the Roche strips are more forgiving and wick better. I’ve wasted a tonne of aabot strips in the optium neo.


I currently use the Freedom Lite, it works for me. I found my Accuchek Go and Performa did not give accurate readings. I’d be feeling hypo and the performa would tell me my BGL was 5.2, I’d double check with the Lite and it would read 2.9. I came to trust it.

We’ll see how Dario goes. Might hate it. But the more stuff we have that talks to our devices, the better, IMO>


Received it today, installed the IOS app and now I have to create an account just to use it, so they can collect all my data and share.

Going in the bin I think.


Hmm… oh well, I have no issues with that at the moment. There’s a website (thats what the login is for) your info goes there, and your estimates of HbA1C I believe are calculated there. They need certain of your info for the app and the website to do the job you paid for.


kyte in this month’s newsletter, FreeStyle are offering a new free tester.


Oh dear. Thanks, Harry but I already have two of theirs. I wonder why I didnt get the newsletter. Probably registered and the email address is now defunct. I’ve found Freestyle to be very accurate, and pleasingly, I’ve been comparing with Dario (which, whilst very compact, isnt as convenient as I thought it would be) and the readings are almost identical (eg a 5.3 vs a 5.6. Close enough)

Might take a look at the website and see whats what.

[edit] and I did, ordered an Optium Neo. You can never have too many meters :smiley:


I have the neo, but didn’t realize it uses 0.6ul blood compared to O.3 a lot use. It was my first meter in July and I’ve wasted about half my strips with it failing to get enough blood even when there is plenty. I like it otherwise but the Roche strips seem better for that.


Seems I jumped on it too quickly… I liked the idea of ketones testing. However, my Glooko doesnt talk to it. yet. Its only compatible with Androids at the moment (for Glooko). I also emailed Abbot Diabetes Care to give them another kicking about no OSX software. Damned if I am going to do the VM dance again.


I saw there was Mac software for the others, I assumed th neo uses the same one. Have been meaning to download some numbers.


Yeah I think theres something, but when I went to d/l for Neo, it was only a windows file. I wasnt very impressed with the Mac software for the others, but I prefer to use Glooko, so I can take it with me to the doc (or Dario, when I start using it. Lots of Freestyle Freedom strips to use up yet) but Neo… not yet, for either. Unless, of course, the Neo will work with the other software. There will be a cable to buy, of course.


The Neo comes with a cable so no worries there.


Oh thats good :slight_smile: one small issue sorted then. I had to buy the cable for my Freestyle Freedom :slight_smile:


Well, quite some time down the track I have decided that I just don’t like the Dario. Its readings are so far different from my freestyle (and the freestyle appears to be pretty accurate, based on my HbA1c results from time to time), I’ve decided not to use it anymore.

However, I have found a nice Accuchek (at least I hope it will be nice, strips are 2x the cost of the Freestyle) for free on the local site. Link follows. I like the idea of it connecting to the phone via BT, and theres Accuchek app, and its also compatible with my current Glooko app.

Thats the page you need, with the info on the Aviva Connect, and to get it for free you have to submit via the Meter match link further down the page. It takes about a month to get to you :slight_smile:


Applied for a Neo in November last year. I had given up on receiving it. It arrived this week. I’ve put it away. Am swimming in meters, now have 5. Sighhh. Loving the Accuchek but not the accuchek software. Fortunately it talks to Glooko as well.


Having anxiety, it can manifest itself in the same way as hypo/hyperglycemia, extreme agitation, paranoia, confusion, delirium, faintness and tachycardia. I get my BGL tested quite regularly, but as yet its usually around the 4 to 8 range depending on whether I’ve been tested in the morning or after eating which is in within the bounds of being perfectly normal.

I should probably note that at this point I have age on my side, but who knows what will happen in the next 10 years. It does make me wonder though sometimes, when all my stats are normal why I feel like complete and utter crap.

You have to love the way the human body works. Sometimes I wish I was a diabetic so I had a simple answer for why my body does what it does rather than something that has no easy fix with medication.