Bye bye (anti)social media


I have just deleted all of my social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all deleted.

It felt great and I’m sure it will give me back some time each day!

I just got so tired of the utter dross that I was bombarded with each day (mainly advertising and other rubbish that is from people I didn’t know and/or follow) as I simply could not be bothered with it any more.

It’s back to the ‘old days’ for me where I will actually talk to people in person and will go back to using on line tech forums and groups of that type.

How do others feel about social media and its overall impact on life, society and privacy?


I’m following it quite curiously, though I’m not a member of it. My wife however is, and as such I have daily exposure in that way.

The company I work for pays a lot of money to “influencers” to get favourable reviews on blogs/etc. I find the whole thing rather disgusting, as whilst I am sure some of these people are honest about their receipt of payment for comment, I expect a lot of people do not realise this fact.

I don’t know how bad Facebook’s predecessors were (eg MySpace etc) with this, however I don’t believe it ever got as commercial as it has become.


While I have twitter and instragram I’ve barely ever used them. I’m not on snapchat or anything else. I reluctantly use Facebook although I’m trying to use it less and less. Sadly since I’m part of community groups as well as run a forum I’m somewhat stuck with Facebook. Forums though, I have a few I’m active in and lots that I’m registered in and use when needed.

But to your question, I hate Facebook, it’s such a transient medium with everything sort of lost to the ether a week after it’s posted, but the most destructive part I find about Facebook is the way it makes people feel “connected” when they really are anything but. I mean it’s great to see photos of those friends and family from across the state/country/globe who you really wouldn’t otherwise see, the problem is when those posts start to replace actual interaction.

We are all busy with our own lives, and when we see photos, comments etc of friends it’s very easy to confuse knowing what they are up to with actual interaction. ie you’ve seen photos of the new child, new car seat, new car, that broken light fitting, the dead dog and the plans for a holiday… you’ve “liked” them all too… but when was the last time you actually spoke to that person? shared a meal/drink?

I hate the time sap these things are where you can lose yourself for hours at a time looking at pictures, videos and posts from other people before realising maybe you should get off the lounge.

The irony is not lost posting these sorts of things online, but for some reason I think forums are better, although maybe that’s because they are a more targetted hobby thing rather than random shit… I mean you wont believe reason #3 for not using Facebook… just click here!


I had removed everything and then I signed up for facebook again because I missed several social events where people were organising on facebook instead of email. I’ve also reconnected with some old friends from 30 and 40 years ago, who I might never have heard from again, otherwise. I like that aspect of it.

I gave up twitter because assholes kept following me (and given that I almost never tweeted, that was a clue that they were assholes… as a 68 yr old woman, I have NO interest in semi-naked youngsters…) I gave up on G+ simply because I decided I didnt want Mr Google having that much of me.

I gave up instagram because a) kept forgetting to post to it or look at other peoples stuff and b) facebook bought it.

I’m not that happy with facebook, otoh I am happy to have been found by old friends.


I’m on Twitter but mainly browse that - occasionally find out interesting stuff.

My main social account is Facebook and I have a love-hate relationship with it.

The good:
Keeping up with friends and acquaintances in a way that might not be possible otherwise.

The bad:
There was a time that Facebook introduced Pages. On these pages businesses and special interest groups were able to post things of (obviously) interest to you and it would show up on your newsfeed. Then Facebook started to change the way things appeared on your feed, mainly around how much these pages paid in advertising.

OK. I get it. Facebook is a commercial entity and it’s primary aim is to make money. So they get to dictate how stuff appears on its platform. But the interest to me is highly diminished, to the point that it’s become a balancing act. At the moment keeping in touch with friends is still slightly more beneficial than the pain of sifting through endless ‘sponsored’ posts and not seeing the stuff I’m really interested in. The day that equation goes the other way, I’ll be off.


I have FB with only close first degree relatives as friends, to keep in touch that way with people.

I don’t use Instagram or Google Plus.

My main social network is really LinkedIn, for work purposes, and Twitter occasionally to push out messages.


I use Whats App to keep in touch with overseas family and used wisely its the next best thing to being there.

A while ago I was asked to join a professional Sign in Facebook /Fakebook with mostly fake friends section where knowledge could be shared. Sounded good.

After a week or so, gave it the flick. There seems to be a mentality that has to “share” everything.
I don’t particularly need to know if someone has purchased new undies or how big their new boat is…waffle waffle waffle etc.

I think that’s why the term “Data Smog” was invented. :grinning:



I dropped Twitter some weeks back. Was going to do Facebook too, but it might survive a bit longer as I am not a big user of it.


I made a New Years Resolution to log off Twitter permanently on January 1. I’ve managed to stick to that, and am surprised how much I don’t miss it. If anybody has missed me they haven’t been in touch to say so via any other method, which makes me wonder why I was ever there in the first place. I don’t want to delete the account, because I don’t want anyone else to grab my name (which they can do after 30 days). So I made it private and just stopped posting, and then I unfollowed everybody. Easy.

I am still on Facebook, mainly because of my parents and relatives overseas. It really is a good way to keep in touch. I’ve unfriended a few randoms that aren’t really friends, however. I maybe check it once a day. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter or Instagram on my phone any more, which means suddenly I don’t pick it up anywhere near as much as I used to. I do have Instagram on my ipad, I like taking pix and stuff but I’ve unfollowed a large number of pointless accounts, and I also made a bunch unfollow me. It’s private so strangers can’t see my posts.

My ultimate goal though is to get rid of them all. Twitter was the big one, it was such a major time suck.


If you’ve got access to a Windows box there’s a good application for deleting all your tweets too. I deleted all mine on 1/1/18 and have since subsequently locked my account and deleted the apps from my devices. I’m enjoying Instagram the most so I’m sticking with that for now. Minimal complaints/negativity compared with Twitter.


Is there a delete all your crap on facebook app? windows, mac, ios android, I dont care which flavour. I like to have a cleanout every so often. There used to be something on Android for deleting FB crap but its not being developed anymore, cant even remember its name. Bit of a shame, I paid for it and then 6 months later, pouf gone.

Edit 18/3/2018> It was called Exfoliate. I dont think it can be got anymore. It wasnt working so well, after FB kept changing how stuff was managed.


Instagram is the only one I logged out of and didn’t log back into. I never got into it. I feel Snapchat is next, and really all I do there is respond when i receive the odd snap.

Twitter and FB are the two biggies for me, but they both serve very different purposes. I don’t find it an issue, but that’s because I can force quit the apps when I need to and I have FB notifications off.