Can't change apple i.d


For several days I have tried to change my Apple ID . The message I get is that Apple ID can’t be changed at this time. Please try again later.

The site allows me to answer my security questions and hit ‘Continue’ but that’s as far as it goes before I get the ‘try later’ message.

Does anyone have a suggestion, please, or will simply posting the question here cure the problem, as I read in another thread?:smile:


Well, there’s a very long thread here.
I wanted to resolve my 2 ID’s, but in the end I didn’t try as I was worried about all the apps associated with one of them.
Good luck…


Thank you ibarnett. I started reading that thread you supplied then stopped to try to login again to icloud.

It’s odd that it accepts the new apple id that I was able to register after starting this thread, to get me into the site. When I get in to ‘Manage ID’ it won’t accept it. (Was that just a token acceptance to acknowledge that I’d posted about it?)

I’m going to try closing FF and emptying the cache and trying again. Pause with elevator music…

I did that, now it only accepts my old username. As far as I read in that thread it mentions turning off the ID in one’s smartphone etc. Did that a long time ago as it kept asking for it every time I turned it on.

Another hassle when I try to log in to icloud> "settings’ is that it goes back to the login page saying it’s timed out ‘for my protection’. Wireless b’band was slow enough before school holidays now it’s impossible.

I’ll read the rest of the thread. Thanks again.


Hadn’t signed out of the App Store. Did that will try again.


See post #428 in the MacRumours thread. I think that is my problem. My @icloud email a/c is new. Seems like it has to age 30 days before it’s mature enough to be used to change an existing email which has been registered with apple.

It would be helpful if apple indicated that instead of saying ‘try later’. I’ve wasted hours on this!

Thank you so much again for posting that link ibarnett!