CarPlay compatible head units in Australia?


I’ve been super excited about CarPlay since it was announced. I’ve got a 2012 Kia Grand Carnival. The double DIN stereo in it is atrocious – in particular the Bluetooth implementation sucks. I desperately want to replace it, but want to wait for something that supports CarPlay.

I know Pioneer has three CarPlay head units coming out next month, but wondering of anyone is aware of other CarPlay head units that are available now (either in AU or overseas)?

Which takes me to the next thing – i want one that supports DAB+ (2 of the upcoming Pioneers will). Being able to tune into Double J would be great (I don’t want to stream via an app, i just want to get into the car and for the radio to just be on).

One of the upcoming Pioneer CarPlay/DAB+ head units seems to be available from the UK on eBay now, but does anyone know if it’ll work for Australian DAB+ stations?

Anyone have any other thoughts on this? I want CarPlay now dammit!


I’ve pretty much resigned myself to dropping whatever cash is necessary to get one of those Pioneer units.


AFAIK the UK uses DAB, we use DAB+… which is entirely incompatible. From what I read very few people use DAB+ outside Australia which means manufacturers have to make a product for a very small market. Add to that the fact that most cars these days make it impossible if not very difficult to replace the radio as it’s built in twelve different ways.

Personally I’d be very interested in a decent double DIN unit with DAB+, Nav, Bluetooth and RVC support too.

Being a VW owner (and nut) I’ve been following this thread over here:

Essentially the most flexible unit found so far has been these Android based head units which do everything except the DAB+.

The real beauty of these units is the Android OS and all the apps it brings along… like TomTom and Torque Pro for example :wink: If you could get DAB+ in one I’d already have ordered one! The other real kicker is the price tag, these Android units are well under $1,000, some even under $500 vs the $2k - $3k alot of the traditional double dun units cost (like my current Pioneer AVIC) and provide far better features. Hell my 2010 Pioneer AVIC doesn’t do route aware speed camera, no audible warning for school zones and updates are pretty much non existent. Pretty poor form for $2,500.

To be back on topic, I like the concept behind CarPlay but would like to see how it pans out in reality? Can I run TomTom and have it on the screen for mapping? Or Google Maps? Or is it only “authorised” apps (like Apple Maps) that can be used?


I’ll definitely be having a closer look at those CarPlay head units when they come out, only thing I’m a little unsure about is whether I’m willing to give up having the music & call details on the MFD in between the gauges on my Golf if they don’t support it.


I’ve got the RNS510 in my Golf and a Pioneer AVIC in my Multivan, while it’s nice to have information in the MFD, I can’t say as I miss it at all when driving the van. (What I do miss is the multifunction steering wheel controls from the Golf :P)


I might wait until Alpine announce their CarPlay compatible head units. According to the rumours they’ll be between $500 and $700, while the Pioneer units look too be $1000+.

I also seriously hope that Apple announce CarPlay APIs at WWDC. If they do, it’d allow devs like Shifty Jelly to build CarPlay compatible apps which would hopefully mean that I don’t have to use the cruddy Podcasts app :wink:


I’m hoping Alpine show their hand soon. Not holding my breath for CarPlay APIs - seems like they’d depend on the availability of Siri APIs first.


As much as I hate to say it, I think I might wait for v2 of these head units. Seems like something as new as Carplay, and with something as hard to firmware update as a head unit it might be worth it?

Also it’s no longer under NDA that apps like Pocket Casts will be able to use CarPlay for audio playback. That’s been public ever since the NDA for iOS 7 was lifted. What they haven’t really told us is how deep that will go, eg: being able to provide users with an up next list that they can interact with, etc.


Depending on the cost, i’ll be jumping on the V1. I’m hoping there’s something for < $1K


If my Focus ST had an even half reasonable way to wrench Ford Sync from it’s dash without removing 90% of the functionality of the car I’d do it in 1/3 a heart beat. Even a gen 1 CarPlay has to be better than the steaming pile of doodoo that is Sync…


I’m so glad I’m not the only one who detests Sync. It was one of the deciding features for me when buying my Ford Focus Titanium but it has never worked properly. And of course Ford are of absolutely no use whatsoever - their solution is to wait for a software update - I’ve now been waiting 15 months and counting.

I just connect via Bluetooth and use Siri now for making phone calls, selecting music etc, as Sync is totally useless.


Anyone updated their Pioneer NEX unit or planning to get one of the new models in light of this morning’s news?


I’m seriously tempted, but I want to see it in person first before I drop $1000 on a new head unit.


Just saw this necropost, Pioneer recently sent me an email with a heap of Car play headunits for about halfprice. They are ex demo but come with full warranty etc. I have seen some people not happy with the way a lot of these work. I put in an Alpine unit early last year otherwise I would have got one of them. I do have a Skoda Octavia RS getting built in Jan that will have it, and played with the first MY16 demo model at my local dealer to test it out last week. Will be interesting to see how many software updates happen on the OEM headunits, I’m hoping the BT carplay will just work, I should test it out, otherwise VAG take ages to update things like that. They do tend to do it in the early year builds. All this is assuming VW don’t go under with the diesel gate fines.


I’ve been looking at this tonight. The double DIN unit in my IS200 is now incredibly outdated. I’m just wondering a few years on how everyone is going with Carplay?


There was a topic on this recently: