Carrot Weather BOM support coming!



What’s so good about Carrot Weather?


It’s customisable. Which makes it very, very good.


cool, Frankie can you do a review once it happens?


From bennyling’s link “And that’s the thing — the design itself is logical, but the weird nonsensical cartoons are what seals the deal” Is exactly why I dont like it. All that cutesie stuff puts me off. I want my weather app to be just that, and no more.


You can turn all that off, and just have it tell you the weather. However I still will stick with my combination of Willy Weather on the phone and Oz Weather on the watch.


I got willy weather based on your earlier recommendation, its not bad. I still prefer Wunderground for local stuff and will be acquiring my own station sooner or later. Willy and others are useful if I want to know what the weather is like on the coast. Downloaded another this morning which is just callled 19º. No watch app but its not bad. Follows you by default.


I installed Carrot recently and was underwhelmed with the UI. I wish PocketWeather had a future. :confused:


At the moment as well as wundergound I’m going to pay a pro subscription to weatherzone ($60). I can use the advanced model access and forum discussions for work.


BOM update just released.


Wunderground is getting really unreliable of late, so I started casting about for something else as a kind of “support” for my own station which only uploads to the Netatmo weather map. I had tried Carrot earlier and hated the UI, but I’ve checked in settings and got it to be “professional” which is a bit better. It still eats watch battery though so its off the radar for me. I like willyweather, and I like weather - australia but neither have watch apps, so back to ozweather or the built in weather, for watch.


Is WillyWeather a BOM product/brand?


Guessing, but they probably just buy BOM data and re-sell it in a more attractive package than what the BOM do themselves.


Willy Weather get their data from BOM and the Carrot developer just tapped into their API to save reinventing the wheel


I believe the BoM had a public API to pull data, but that service shut down at some point.

A couple years ago I started a project that needed local weather information, and I looked at a few of the API’s available. Unfortunately there was huge discrepancies among them: BoM would say currently 21 degrees, another service would say 17, another 24, and so on. Because I couldn’t rely on the 3rd-party providers, I found a way to pull JSON data from BoM, but it was a complete shit to work with. Thankfully the project was abandoned.

If Willy Weather are sourcing from BoM, they must have some commercial arrangement to access all their information.


AFAIK it’s just the ftp site containing mostly xml, text and image files, I’ve used it on a few projects and beyond the pain of working with XML it’s been pretty straight forward to integrate live data and forecasts. Took me around a day to build a geolocation JSON api that mimicked what weatherzone wanted $2500/year to access on their most basic tier.

I’d like to get my hands on the more granular forecast data that’s integrated in pocket weather and weatherzone but have never had the need (or funds approved) to enter into a commercial agreement with them for the extra stuff.