Carrot Weather BOM support coming!



What’s so good about Carrot Weather?


It’s customisable. Which makes it very, very good.


cool, Frankie can you do a review once it happens?


From bennyling’s link “And that’s the thing — the design itself is logical, but the weird nonsensical cartoons are what seals the deal” Is exactly why I dont like it. All that cutesie stuff puts me off. I want my weather app to be just that, and no more.


You can turn all that off, and just have it tell you the weather. However I still will stick with my combination of Willy Weather on the phone and Oz Weather on the watch.


I got willy weather based on your earlier recommendation, its not bad. I still prefer Wunderground for local stuff and will be acquiring my own station sooner or later. Willy and others are useful if I want to know what the weather is like on the coast. Downloaded another this morning which is just callled 19º. No watch app but its not bad. Follows you by default.


I installed Carrot recently and was underwhelmed with the UI. I wish PocketWeather had a future. :confused:


At the moment as well as wundergound I’m going to pay a pro subscription to weatherzone ($60). I can use the advanced model access and forum discussions for work.