Cheap CarPlay units on eBay


Has anyone seen the cheap CarPlay headunits on eBay? (eg here ) I can’t find any reviews for them or any brand as such so figure they’re not going to be anything special.

Tempted to give one a go in my truck as I’d like to get something that can do bluetooth so might as well try for CarPlay as well but there’s not a lot point putting something fancier in. Just need to see if it will fit.


I’d be AMAZED if they actually support CarPlay, and if they do for how long. In the past I looked into and actually signed up for an Apple hardware dev account to look into AirPlay stuff. So I call ‘BS’ on that listing.


I did wonder about that - is it like the lightning cables that aren’t MFi certified. They’ll work until a software update…


I reckon it’s more likely to be like the deal extreme cables that never actually work, let alone give you an error. :wink:


Like others have mentioned I would probably also recommend staying away.

Based on the listing I would think you would have a claim on eBay and PayPal’s buyer protection for product not as described.