Do "Things" make you happy? And other large questions


I’ve watched the video, it’s a great video, just don’t see how it’s relevant to that particular artist/brand page.

Classic click-bait text border, too. You won’t believe what happened next, etc, etc.


To be honest, I never looked at the border. Just watch the video. I am on a cruise so only using my phone, I don’t think much of the border even displayed.


You are not the first person to have said this Huxley… I have read several stories that back up your reasoning. Several studies have shown that a lot of people remember the “buzz” from an experience (a holiday, a really nice dinner, going to a concert or live show) much longer than the buzz from a new acquisition.
I still get that buzz when I get a new toy but I’m finding that it doesn’t last as long as it used to.
I guess the thing to do now is to actually start making more use of my toys (which are mostly cameras) and recording my experiences, rather than just collecting them for their own sake.