Do you use all the features of OS X?


With a swish new Macbook Pro, I’ve come to appreciate the wonders and awesomeness of all the features of the MacOS that I previously went, “Huh?” over.

I primarily attribute this to the trackpad.

From Spaces, to Expose, to Mission Control, even Launchpad! I also ignored full screen views. But now I have six desktops and use Stickies on the primary desktop for quick notes, an app in each space, and when I run my D&D game each week, I can keep several different instances of Chrome open in D&D Beyond so that I don’t get overwhelmed with tabs.

Three finger swipes have changed my entire perspective on OS X.

I still think the Dashboard is crap though :slight_smile:


I use mainly a trackpad and the 1,2,3 finger swipes - but really haven’t gone down the spaces/expose/ mission control/ launchpad route.


The only thing I dislike, now, about Launchpad is that there is no way to organise it other than manually dragging and dropping. That’s kinda cumbersome, but the three finger + thumb pinch to get to it is quite nifty.




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I have used all of these since each was produced. I specifically use the function keys. My older wired Apple chicklet keyboard doesn’t have the function key for launchpad, so I merely remapped one to it. But I also used Linux before switching to MacOS, so I have always used things like multiple desktops, and I have a magic mouse, so I am used to swiping. I use stickies sometimes too.


Mmm, I actually think, upon reading this thread, that maybe I need to give some of the “features” some more time.

I have “Mission Control” and “Desktop” mapped to opposing corners for my mouse to activate, which I’ve LOVED since that feature first arrived, however I’ve not paid much attention to the other options - multiple desktops is the first I think that requires some love…


Now that I’m used to thinking of them and have developed some muscle memory, it’s becoming very intuitive to have applications full screen in individual Spaces and three finger swipe either to get to Mission Control, or left-right to swipe to applications. I turned off the feature that moves the apps around though as establishing and learning an order of the apps is part of knowing whether I can swipe to them quickly or not.

Again though, I think it’s facilitated a lot by the trackpad. It seems built for it.