Downloading iTunes


Is there something screwy going on at the moment with iTunes downloads (the iTunes app itself that is)?

I’ve been remoting into a family computer (windows 10 home x64) to set it up and I keep having issues.

In Chrome and Edge it only seems to present a single download button which grabs the 32 bit version with no option for the 64bit. After a few refreshes I got a window what showed two buttons, one for 32bit and one for 64bit but that file errors out and won’t install.

Interestingly even on my own windows 10 work computer I didn’t see an option for 64bit downloads of iTunes.

Now I haven’t had a good look at it all yet to see what’s happening because I’m at work today and didn’t have a lot of time, but for something that should have been very simple, it was not.

Is there something wrong with the download at the moment that anyone is aware of?


AU vs US site… strange.

I’ve downloaded the file twice now and both times it fails with an error message.

More googling has turned up this page, which appears to have solved the problem.

I think the availability thing is just a coincidence which just served to complicate things. :frowning:

edit 2:
That didn’t actually work.
Using the built in Apple Software Upgrade thing to repair it completed but still didn’t work.
Uninstalling then using the Apple Upgrade to re-install it got it running! Yay!