Ebay Bulk Listing Software


Hi all.

I’m having a bit of a cleanup in my workshop/office/storage unit at the moment. LOTS of Mac and tech stuff of varying size / value. Think cables, enclosures, video adapters, Mac minis, partially working laptops, iPod speaker docks, Bluetooth KBs & mice, etc. etc.

Thinking it’d probably be worth dumping it all on eBay but not sure it’s worth the effort to list all the things manually (I’m likewise tempted to post a long list here in the Buy/Sell forum).

But if there were a way I could bulk list stuff on eBay then it’d probably be worth it. Does anyone know of such an app? 15 years ago I remember an app for OS X that let you basically create listings in it and publish to eBay without ever having to use eBay’s site (other than to process sales).

Any recommendations?



To answer my own question, it seems the app still exists! It’s called GarageSale. Looks pretty good so far! :slight_smile:


Hey, interested in semi working laptops :slight_smile: