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ipadair2-long-100528476-galleryIt’s no secret that there are two variants of the A9 processor found in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but you’d expect both variants to be more or less equal. Benchmarks of the two SoC versions say that might not be the case, with the TSMC variant out-performing the Samsung version, although whether there’s actually a noticeable impact on battery life (especially if you don’t have another unit to compare with) remains to be seen.

The latest OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 beta reveals a number of upcoming Apple accessories, including the Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Mouse 2, and even a Magic Keyboard. It’s clear that Apple is getting as milking the “Magic” moniker for as much as its worth, but if they make a new Magic Keyboard with the new butterfly switches in the MacBook and per-key backlighting I’m afraid I will have to buy one immediately.

An Apple patent says the company could bring inductive charging to the iPhone without any additional hardware cost, thanks to electrical coils in existing technology. The patent describes using electrical coils in speakers, microphones, and haptic engines to power the inductive charging mechanic.

MacStories’ Graham Spencer has a piece on the state of Apple Pay, just ahead of the service’s one year anniversary. Despite being partnered with over 500 banks in the US, Apple Pay only accounts for ~1% of US retail transactions. Spencer also looks at the international rollout and concludes with questions for Apple VP Jennifer Bailey.

The latest App Store numbers put iOS 9 adoption at 57% of active iOS devices.

According to Vanity Fair, the one thing Jony Ive remembers about Steve Jobs was his childlike simplicity. ABC News has new footage of the Apple founder, telling Apple employees to go into Apple Stores to give an employee a hug and showing a “softer side”.

Adobe has set Lightroom free from the ties of Creative Cloud, at least on the iOS platform. Lightroom is now a stand-alone app that doesn’t require a subscription, while still retaining the same editing and adjustment features.

Jason Snell used to be a fan of the smaller-sized iPad mini, but he’s warming up to the idea of a larger iPad in the iPad Air 2 thanks to iOS 9 features such as split-view multitasking, which just work so much better on the larger screen.

One for the vintage Mac crowd this morning is a [Mac Plus emulator running System 7](warming up to the idea). Works better on desktop than mobile.

TouchArcade tells the story of high-profile, premium titles being removed from the App Store. While some of the removals are legitimate (Capcom in particular says they’re working to bring fixes to on one of my favourite DS ports, Ghost Trick), Apple says there has been no change in App Store policy to remove these from App Store purchase histories. But it appears that all’s well that ends well, because many apps are now returning to App Store purchase histories to be re-lived once again.

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This. Please let it have a number pad though.


If there was a wireless keyboard with numpad I’d grab one straight up.


I won’t lie, I had to google this to find out what it means… TIL.


I still have a TextBlade keyboard from Waytools on order. It was going to ship last February, but I am still waiting. The point is that it too uses butterfly technology keys.


I can’t believe that thing still hasn’t shipped :neutral_face:


I bought a magic trackpad recently to give my wrist a break but I barely use it. You guys using one?


Nope. MX Master all the way.


If they come out with a Force Touch Magic Trackpad I might have to reconsider picking up an MX Master and grab that, though.


That does look sweet. I have a Razer Death Adder, but until I got the trackpad I was using a magic mouse. I really miss the gestures in OS X when I can’t use them.


I love my magic mouse and i loved it even more when I bought a mobee charger.


My wife was pretty agnostic about my Macs until she saw me using my magic mouse and keyboard.

I am thinking if they do release new models, she will be getting my existing ones and I’ll go out and by myself the new ones!

Ain’t marriage grand!!!


I can’t believe it either! It’s software that’s been holding it up apparently. My confidence that I’ll ever get it has eroded somewhat, but I still think it will ship eventually.


I’m glad the purchased app things sorted out. The Secret of Monkey Island got pulled a few months, which is disappointing (I would’ve bought the iPad versions had I known) but when I originally read about this I went to check and saw I couldn’t get my previously purchased iPhone versions either. Glad they’re back now.


Uhh I think your link might need a little work here :stuck_out_tongue:


Weird, because it’s perfect on the actual news post. I think I screwed it up and fixed it after I hit publish, not sure why that edit didn’t make it back to Discourse. Investigating…