HFC Second Take


The NBN has advised me that their revised HFC is now available for connection in the Burwood East VIC area. This time last year the HFC was so plagued with problems that they paused any new connections and after twelve months of work, they say it is now OK. I wonder if anyone has had experience with HFC Mk 2. I don’t plan to take up the connection offer until I hear that they have really fixed the problems.
Funnily enough, after Telstra fixed my recent phone line issue my speed has never been better, I can now get 10Mbps for the first time. It has made me impatient for NBN speeds.


10Mbps is pretty bad - even for ADSL. Sadly, this is pretty average these days for ADSL. It seems that the ADSL network is being neglected for the NBN. :man_shrugging:

Personally, I’d say you’ll have better luck if you switch to NBN and then hassle them. Bare minimum you’ll probably get lots of credits if it’s off, and if you go with someone like Telstra and your phone is with them they can try to get them to credit you for hotspot usage in the time it’s offline.


If you go with Telstra, you get a Smart Modem which has 4G Backup (capped at 6/1 Mbps). I’ve found it invaluable for when there’s been an outage.


Ah yeh - good point. Although I find the 6Mbps pretty flakey and I never use Telstra modems anyway as they don’t let you change the DNS etc.


Actually I am thinking of going with Internode because they offer a plan that suits my limited needs at a fair price. I will end up having a faster connection for less money than i have now with iiNet.
But I still want to know if the revised HFC system working reliably before I jump in.