HP Printer Driver download & install problems


HP Laser Jet 1022 was feeding an extra page after every print job. The extra page stopped half-way out and stayed stuck in the mechanism requiring the cartridge to be removed to remove the jammed page.

Searching the HP forum showed several similar complaints. It seems to be a software issue. Following the step-by-step instructions to resolve the problem…uninstall existing software, remove printer, install new software, reinstall printer resulted in the successful removal of the existing software but the new software cannot be installed.

Software from the Apple site: ‘The software for the printer was installed incorrectly. Please reinstall the s/w from the manufacturer.’

D/L HP printer driver from the HP site. ‘Image not recognized.’

Apple says it’s a supported printer. HP says the S/W is compatible with El Capitan. HP easy Start doesn’t work and their site advises against using it. I’ve asked their Tech help but being the weekend it may take a while.

Can anyone suggest a solution, please? I’ve spent the better part of two days prowling all over the 'net and don’t really want to buy another printer if it’s a S/W issue. It’s been a good reliable printer, until now, and it has an almost new cartridge.


Have you tried the steps this person did? Looks like it covers the 1022 so it might help: http://www.tech-reality.co.uk/hp-laserjet-1020-in-osx-yosemite/


Wow!! Thank you frankie. I’m not near the printer now but will follow up tomorrow. I read some of the comments and people seem pretty happy.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!


It must be me frankie… I followed the link to the Apple site and attempted to D/L software. As with previous attempts to download software, when I double-clicked the file to open it this window appeared:


‘Get Info’ told me there are zero bytes on the disk.
The printer shows up in the Printer list with a message that i have to D/L and install software.

Can anyone clarify why this is happening, please?


Forgot to say I scrolled through the select software options in the Printer window and selected The printer and the software 1.6.1. The version recommended in the blog you gave me the link for wasn’t in the 'Choose a driver field, so I selected 1.6. which it previously worked with.

The problem seems to be I can’t get the software to install.


Solved that D/L & Install issue… Minor victory. Switched to Safari from FF and the D/L and install was successful, except it didn’t provide the option to choose v 3.1, even though that was the name of the D/L on the Apple site, so installed 1.6.1, just plain 1.6. which it used before was not available.

It still picks up an extra sheet, which gets part way through then jams when the printer stops feeding.

I’ve used the 'Print Pages 1 to 1 ’ option rather than Print all, in case that made a difference. It doesn’t.

Is there any safe repository of older, downloadable S/W versions on the 'net?


Maybe it’s not a driver issue but a hardware issue? Have you tried cleaning the paper rollers?



The interior of the printer is pristine ( I know, I’ve been peering into it after every print job as I clear the jam). I really think it’s a S/W issue because the paper only jams after the last, unnecessary sheet feeds.

It doesn’t randomly, or even consistently, pick up two sheets at once. i.e. a three page print job will print the three pages of the document properly then feed a fourth, which only goes halfway through. A one page document will pick up and feed a second page which feeds halfway through.

Also, the last sheet feeds to precisely the same place every time. It stops when the rollers stop feeding. For some reason an extra sheet is picked up and the rollers stop when it’s half-way through. That page doesn’t tear. It just stops feeding.

I do welcome the suggestion. Keep them coming, please. Thanks, frankie.


Only a workaround, perhaps, but only put in enough sheets to do the job you want to do. It won’t pick up an extra sheet if there isn’t one there. Not convenient, doesn’t solve the problem, I know.


Thanks Alex, brilliant in its simplicity and will get me through until a solution surfaces. I’ve been too fixated on a solution to see outside the box.

I’m in the middle of reading about HP driver settings and am wondering if It’s somehow set to print a cover sheet after the print job finishes.

Thanks again.