I need to have a whinge


And here it is:

I decided it was time to change my Apple password. A simple process, I thought, never mind the TFA crap one has to go through. Created a nice strong one via Wallet, saved it and off I went… needing to change it on all my devices… No problem, I thought. BAH!!! Its taken 4 days so far to get some of my devices to be accepted and I haven’t even done them all… on my 6S (which has been the most recalcitrant) I have had to submit the password 11 times before it was finally accepted. WTF?? Not only that, my 6S, listed in my devices in my AppleID, is not listed as one which is logged in to iCloud. It is logged in. Same account, same name. This must be the reason that my contact list, mostly added to on the phone, is never synced to iCloud. Its been a constant frustration, and no doubt will continue to be so. My last attempt to make it behave will be on a reboot of the phone. Its listed in FindMyPhone in icloud, its connected to keychain, and it is NOT updating contacts as I add them. Quelle dommage!!

OK, I’m done. Onward!


Sounds incredibly frustrating!

I should probably change my password… Haven’t done so in… um… ever.


I’ve changed mine a few times, I get a bee in my bonnet once in a while and do it. I have never ever had these issues before. I’m still struggling to work out the problem with icloud contacts not being synced with my local devices. At least my new password is now happily ensconced everywhere. It will be a while before I make another change!


OMG It’s SO NICE to see the proper use of this word! My old boss used to ALWAYS use it in lieu of “reticent”. I wanted to tell him so many times he was using it wrong but thought better of it and just let him embarrass himself for years :slight_smile: Which in itself was a recalcitrant act!


Goodness me! I’ve been using it for 50 years! I think people hear words in a particular context and assume meaning from that (I do it myself). Often, the word has not been used correctly (as per your boss) but often it has, and the hearer has not apprehended the meaning correctly.


Most of my $50 words have been gleaned from being holed up in a library reading books considered well beyond my age. My parents are both retired librarians, and when a baby sitter was scarce, I merely ended up in a corner of the stacks with a pile of books. Especially 19th century British Literature for some odd reason, which is why I have annoyed teachers and American editors alike for my tendency to use the Commonwealth s (realise, minimise, etc) but not use the commonwealth u (it’s an extra letter and I’m lazy).