IDevices constant restarting?


Does anyone know why my iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6, would be randomly restarting? Happens maybe once per day on each. Likely happens more with increased use.

It’s not a full shut down and restart as it’s too quick.

It started about 1-2 months ago on both, on the previous iOS. I was overseas when so I assumed when I returned and upgraded to 10.1.1 that would fix it, but it hasn’t.

So iOS and all Apps are up to date, and both devices otherwise work perfectly.

Any deals?


Sounds like Springboard is crashing rather than the device restarting. Usually I’ve found this is a case of an app or bunch of apps in the multitasking app switcher doing something it/they shouldn’t and hogging a bunch of resources. Unfortunately there’s no easy way of narrowing down which app it would be.


Thanks, yes the screen shuts off and the ‘spinning wheel’ appears for maybe 30 seconds, and then I’m back at the home passcode log-in window.

Odd that is occurs on both devices, suggesting to me it’s not a hardware issue. Yes I agree, I suspect it’s an App(s) downloaded to both.

But yes, which App? I wouldn’t have the foggiest.


I have this problem on my iPhone 6. Only started recently and usually happens when I try to swipe a notification from the lock screen.


Hmmmm, I wonder what could be the cause?

It’s not unique to iPhone 6, a its happening on my iPad.

It’s not unique to iOS, as its happened across two different versions of iOS.

I’m mysterified. Must be a new popular App is all I can conclude. But which one…


Do a DFU restore and install your apps/settings from scratch rather than restoring from a backup. If it’s still happening let us know.


Thanks, but as I have 200-300 Apps on both devices, its not really practical. Absolute last resort that!

I did a ‘soft’ reset of the ipad to see if fixes it on the iPad, and if it continues on the iPhone then I know that is the solution.

Will advise.


It’s happened a few times on my iPhone 7 too.


I’m also of the opinion that doing a clean install and not restoring from backup should be an absolute last resort and any problem that this resolves is a massive failure on Apple’s part.

iOS is supposed to be smart enough to quit background running apps when it runs low on resources but I’ve found mixed results in stability with that. What you could try and do is force quit running apps from your app switcher when you’ve finished running them. That won’t help you narrow down anything, but if you notice the problem go away, that could be your problem.


Last resorts usually take less time than the numerous things we try leading up to them.


This is what I find these days. I hardly ever troubleshoot anymore. Especially weird arse fiddly problems. It’s almost always easier to nuke from low orbit.


Takes me a good day or so to set up and customise an iOS device from scratch, I can resolve most issues I come up against in less than that. We still have a long way to go before we’re able to setup a device from scratch without experiencing data loss too.


Would it help to turn off all background app refresh? If that fixes the restarting, then re-enable background refreshing for apps in small groups until you find restarting re-occurring.


Yes, and its an opportunity to actually only reinstall the ones I now use.

Imagine I would go from 250 Apps, to maybe 50!