If I post some about MFi cable manufacturing and news, would that be OK?


Hey guys, I’m a newbie here, named Jacob, working for an MFi manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China.
I just want to know if I post something about MFi cable manufacturing or news would that be Ok for you guys? Do you want to know things about it?
I will try not post a link back on it, and it wouldn’t be an advertisement, we are not a retailer, none of you will become my client, I guess.
Post such as “how to manufacturing…”, “What’s the difference…”, “News about MFi Lightning to USB-C…”.
Also, I would like to improve my English writing skill as well.:grin:


I’ve got almost NFI about MFi.

I suspect I’d find it informative at least, it’s ok with me (but I don’t run this place).


But you still use a data cable, don’t you want to know if yours is good? Or how to recognize which one is good. I trying to do so.


G’day Jacob,

Welcome to AppleTalk.

I can’t speak for the owners, but as long as you’re not just here to surreptitiously sell/promote something, I’m sure you’d be welcome.

Having someone with insight into the cabling industry could be quite handy!




Smells like spam to me.


Well Thank you, post selling/promote information here is a bad idea, we not accept retail buyer, Haha.
I just think in here might have some better than me, will teach me something. Or you guys give me some good idea on product R&D.


I will try not to be.