iMac 27 2012 - Missing Serial Number & Description


A friend has given me his iMac to sell, its a late 2012 27 iMac, purchased from JB Hi Fi.

When I set it up I went to have a look at the Serial Number and description but noticed it was missing.

Any ideas how this occurred, it has not been repaired. The serial number is on the base so I can verify it

From googling it seems I have to take it into Apple to get this fixed.



Other than not displaying the details, is there any impact to the system or performance? If not, I’d just sell it as is.


No its seems to run fine. But I can see the Gumtree buyer arriving and looking at the “About this Mac” dialogue box and then I have to try and explain it…


If you’ve got the time and effort to get it fixed that would be awesome for the new buyer and all, but it’s a pain for you. On one hand I’m probably OCD enough to want to fix it just so it’s fixed… but then I’m also lazy enough to seriously consider not.

If it shows up fine in El Capitan, you could install that and be done with it and leave the issue for the new buyer. Alternatively, you could answer that question with “no idea mate”… The serial number is on the bottom if you’d like to check it. If you have a buyer (or two) fall through then look at investing the effort to fix it.


I used the Blank Board Serialiser boot USB which seems to have worked, the serial number now shows and the iMac description is correct.


Completely moot point now it seems… But I was going to add - after my eMac’s logic board was replaced, the serial number never showed up again in About this Mac…